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Aug 10, 2007 09:40 AM

JP Seafood Cafe

How is it? I have lots of friends in JP, but the only place I really get excited about eating there is El Oriental de Cuba (mmm, yuca!). Though I do love Doyle's 3 awesome kinds of fries...

I love vegetable sushi, and JP Seafood Cafe has a huge selection. Are they good, though? How is their unagi (my other favorite)? And the rest of the menu?


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  1. Love it, love it, love it! Chirashi is great, and the rolls are superb! I'm a big fan of the sunshine maki (salmon, lemon, cilantro), dragon roll, asparagus, spinach, and the spicy tuna (they don't use mayo, just chopped jalepeno- yum!). Not sure about the unagi, but the rest of the menu offers fantastic options too. The house salad dressing is the best I've had!

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      Thanks for the info. I may have to try that spicy tuna roll. I hate mayo, but love spicy.

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          I'll strongly second them for sushi. Theirs is among the freshest I've had anywhere in Boston, and it's attractively if simply prepared. Have seen less than stellar things said about their other dishes on this board, but have only had their sushi.

    2. They're the best sushi in JP. Not much to say because they're the only sushi in JP. But what I've had there compared favorably to many of the better known places in Boston. Better than Jae's, although maybe a (tiny) step below Douzo.

      A second for the spicy tuna - I was expecting the typical spicy mayo, but their version with the jalapeƱo was a wonderful surprise. The day I was there the tuna was ultra-fresh - I wound up ordering an extra order of the tuna nigiri.

      1. Yes, I would have to agree with kgarvin...the place is really good. I've only been there once, but everyone in our party was quite pleased with the meal. It was several years ago, when I still lived in JP, so I don't remember exactly what we had. I had a great soup (the Jun-Gol) that was jam packed with whitefish and several types of shellfish. It was great! And we had at least one of the veggie rolls that we were pleased with. If you go to JP often, definitely go to JP Seafood some night.

        Other places that I remember liking.....since you like Doyle's, check out Costella's sometime. It's right downtown, and while it looks like a dive outside, it's actually a nice little pub with a better than average pub menu. The mac and cheese is an old favorite.

        Bukhara is pretty good is pretty good for Indian....the lunch buffet is a great deal on weekdays.

        One of my best meals ever in JP was at Zon's....you could describe it as comfort food with flair, I guess. I had the meatloaf, which was made with sirloin and lots of interesting spices, and my partner had the lamb burger...both were amazing. It's small, but the service was very good and the atmosphere relaxed and cozy.

        1. i think it's not bad, though not what i would consider a destination spot. i've eaten there a couple times and been pretty satisfied each time. i know i've had their tempura & a noodle soup; and possibly their sushi there (can't remember exactly).

          i really have to say, after seeing it mentioned here and in another recent thread, the food at bukhara, based on 2-3 visits, is really quite horrid. there's so much better indian in the boston area. i don't even mean "inauthentic." i just mean greasy, unsubtle and generally unpleasant.

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            Autopi and I both agree on Bukhara being pretty lousy. Read a posting I made a little while ago: