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Aug 10, 2007 09:27 AM

Jorg's Cafe Vienna - Plano

My wife and I ate there last night for the first time. She is german and has lived here in the U.S. for about ten years. We travel back to see her family once a year so I too have had a good sampling of the German food over the past twelve years.

Jorg's is a solid German/Austrian restaurant. We have yet to find a place with more authentic food in Dallas. We like Kuby's, as they have good wurst, but their schnitzel isn't that good. The Weinerschnitzel at Jorg's is nice and crisp and the potato salad was tasty. Pretzels were some of the better ones we have had and are very recommendable. Cannot comment on the wurst at Jorg's as we didn't sample any. We'll do that next time.

Our new go to place for German food.


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  1. We ate there back in Janurary, about 1month after we returned from our trip to Vienna.

    Our appetizer, Gebackener Camembert Cheese (Camembert Cheese, breaded and lightly fried to a golden brown, served with Cranberry Cream Sauce), was excellent. The sauce complimented the cheese very well. For my entree, I had Jörg’s Wurst Teller (Weißwurst and Knackwurst served with Austrian Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage and Düsseldorf Mustard). The sausages were good. I found the potato salad a bit sour, the red cabbage a bit too sweet, and sauerkraut a bit salty. The mustard? Didn't taste any different than regular mustard.

    Husband ordered and liked the schintzel.

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      I take it that, overall, you liked the food and would probably return.

      It's never going to be "just like" any of us had across the pond, but not a bad stand-in since we can't get over there whenever we want.

      Ingredients differ too. My wife has tried to make some dishes her mom makes and follows things to the letter, but it doesn't really taste exactly the same.

      To me the potato salad wasn't as vinegary as I have had in Germany. Didn't have any sauerkraut. Mustard was a spicier version of some discription. Don't know what "regular mustard" is, since there are soooo many versions out there.

      Heck, there are regional differences in the food even in Germany or Austria, so some of these differences we are seeing could be just that.

    2. How does Jorg's compare to the Bavarian Grill?

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      1. re: babar

        According to my German friends, much better.

        1. re: irodguy

          It's been over ten years since we have been to the Bavarian Grill while visiting Big D, and we just moved to Dallas several months ago. We would have to go back to give a fair review, but since my wife hasn't requested to go back, I don't guess it really impressed her.

          1. re: Super90

            Oh wow, this sounds interesting. What about their beer selection?

        2. re: babar

          I've never been impressed by the Bavarian Grill but Jorg's sounds promising.

          You can't have too many good German restaurants. Kuby's used to be good when it was the only game in town but they have slipped and I've found Black Forest not any better.