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Aug 10, 2007 09:22 AM

Tisha's or Peter Shields in Cape May

I am visiting Cape May for the first time next week. I will only be there for a couple of days and I wanted to go to at least one nice dinner. I can't decide between Tisha's and Peter Shield's...any thoungts?

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  1. Peter Shields looks awesome, was sorry I didnt go there last time around. Instead went to Alethea's at Inn of CM -- was nice. Liked Merion Inn better and PS is my next stop. If u go, please send a review.

    1. I have never been to Peter Shields, but have heard good things.

      Went to Tisha's a few weeks ago - It was only OK in my opinion. Cramped dining area, not much atmosphere. We were lucky to get a seat on the patio. I didn't have a problem with the taste or quality of the food, but I found the menu to be uninspired, with a lot of side dishes repeated throughout.

      Merion Inn looks good and is on my go-to list when I go back LDW.

      1. I'd give Peter Shields the edge over Tisha's for food. Tisha's is on the water with lots of glass, which is nice. Peter Shields is more of the traditional CM victorian buildings. Both are BYOs. Both also beat the Merion Inn in the food department in my opinion. Merion Inn also has a fantastic piano player and a nice bar though..

        My advice is to go to Merion Inn for cocktails and take a nice bottle of wine to the Peter Shields Inn

        1. Haven't been to Tisha's but have been to Peter Shield's and it was really wonderful. Lovely atmosphere, great service, solid food, but I could have sworn there was alcohol served. Maybe I'm not remembering right or maybe we didn't have any?

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            Peter Shields has kind of a mixed policy. It's essentially BYOB, but they also serve some local wines which apparently they can do without a regular liquor license. Great place.

          2. Thanks for all of the advice. We ended up going to Peter Shield's and it was great. We shared the seafood tapas appetizer which consisted of shrimp cocktail, raw tuna, salmon, artichoke hearts and green beans...all prepared differently and wonderfully. I had the catch of the day which was halibut with a cajun lobster bisque. My friend had the rack of lamb. Both were great. Although I was full from dinner, I had to try the key lime tart because it had an AMAZING graham cracker crust. We sat just inside of the porch and had a great view while listening to the piano player. We also brought our own wine which is always a plus. I do believe they serve NJ wines if you don't bring your own. I will definitely go back next time I am there.

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              Glad you liked it. As a year round resident of the area I can say that one of the best things for us about Peter Shields Inn is that it's open year, round unlike most of the nicer Cape May area places, and that they pretty much come up with a new menu every season. Fall menu might have a lot of gamey meats, summer lots of fresh veggies, etc. For that reason we tend to eat there more often in the off season since (luckily) there really are quite a lot of seasonal restaurants of the same caliber.