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Aug 10, 2007 09:20 AM

In Search Of Party Trays (Chinese Noodles)

Having a kids BD party this Saturday (yes, tomorrow) and I need recommendations for a good tasting, good quality, etc. resource for ordering a tray of Chow Mein for a party of 15-20 people on short notice. (A reasonable price would help too!!) Looking for a good balance of noodles/veggies/meat and/or seafood.

Prefer San Gabriel Valley location, closer to Monrovia/Arcadia areas. (I know, most of the better places are out towards Monterey Park but I'm located east of there)

Thanks in advance for the quick suggestions!!

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  1. I think Monrovia or Arcadia has a branch of Teri & Yaki, but they definitely won't have seafood chow mein. However, you can get a party trays of the noodles and chicken (probably separate), and I have used the Pasadena location for this. I think they required a 50% deposit or something, but that was a while ago.

    The other alternative I was going to recommend was Noodle World, with locations in Alhambra and Old Town Pasadena.

    1. Go to Full House by 99 Ranch in Arcadia. Go into the food court, and they have a to go section with BBQ. You should probably call in and preorder the noodles.

      Mei Mei by Arcadia Supermarket would also be good choice.

      1. I think for something like this Panda Express is the way to go.

        1. If you are willing to get to Eagle Rock - try OK Chinese. I needed a super cheap option for a lunchen I had to throw - and they were fantastic. Very cheap prices and they PILE on the food. They were also able to help me out without much notice (and I ordered for 150).

          1. Hey, thanks for the replies! I called Full House and Teri & Yaki. T&Y will only do noodles and you have to buy the toppings on the side and mix yourself. And Panda, although quite tasty, will not fare well among the primarily "Asian" attendees. Full House is the most promising at the moment and the most convenient. But I am still open to any other suggestions....even in the Monterey Park areas. Have not tried Noodle World yet. Please post more suggestions! Thanks.

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              Try Sam Woo in Alhambra, on Sixth and Valley.

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                Good call...I had dinner at the Alhambra Sam Woo last night. I think they're the best of all of them. The one in Chinatown has improved over the years.