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Aug 10, 2007 09:16 AM

Momofuko - Noodles or Ssam?

Hey everyone - am going to head to one on Sunday (have never been to either)... anyone prefer one to the other (I know they are totally different, I'll make it to both eventually :)... and also, favorite dishes at either? Would appreciate any thoughts!

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  1. I haven't been to Noodle Bar, but I really enjoy Ssam. From what I've read, Ssam has a more interesting and varied menu, as long as you stay away from the ssam themselves (I've never had one).

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    1. if you're going during the day, stick with noodle bar, as the ssam bar menu is only ssams until 5:30. After that, ssam is a better bet, as the menu is bigger and more varied. right now, if you go to noodle bar, you have to get the shrimp and corn, which is outrageous. the pork buns are great at either place, and if you go to ssam, i would suggest the artichokes.

      1. I prefer the noodles. The pork buns are awesome!

        1. If you are not ordering noodles at the Noodle bar or ssam at tha Ssam Bar, then both places are equally great! Unfortunately both places fail in their namesake products (the noodle and ssam). I generally prefer the Ssam bar because of the offal dishes and the benton ham.

          1. I don't understand why the artichokes at the ssam bar is so highly recommended. It's such a small portion. I was really disappointed. I would like to order ham next time, it's large portioin and looked very interesting. I ordered cray fish twice, very heavy taste but I liked it.

            The pork bun dish uses the Chinese "red cooked five flowered meat" idea. It's been picked up at other places. Buddakan in Philly offered a similar "pork belly" appetizer dish.

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              I believe the highly recommended vegetable dish was the brussel sprouts (not artichokes), which is not on the menu as they are not in season.

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                Now I am confused .. what did I have? It's only a few pieces of deep fried something artfully placed on a dish.

                I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw Noodle bar, it's smaller than my kitchen. When I was looking for the Saam bar one winter night, I passed its door twice w/o realizing it's the place.