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Aug 10, 2007 08:55 AM

Two Weeks in RI South County

Returning to South Kingston/Point Judith for two weeks. Any good CHOW ideas? A lot of take it or leave it joints a year ago. URI or Wakefield area would be nice. Any places falling down to be avoided would help too. Thanks.

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  1. I'm a broken record on this but....Crazy Burger (very casual) on Boon St in Narragansett, 1 block up from the beach/towers area. Lots of vegetarian choices, lots of burgers, all good. Adorable patio out back. B/L/D and I think it's byob?

    A bit further afield than your target area, but I really like Up River Cafe in Westerly. More upscale, gorgeous outdoor seating on a river.

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      Thanks...I'm culling thru the recent posts right now...most of it dated, though. What's this cheeky monkey everyone is anxiously awaiting...if ya know?

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        Was an opening date mentioned? It is either an offshoot or a move of a well-regarded Newport restaurant. Eclectic menu.

        I've heard talk of new ownership or mgmt at the Coast Guard House....the setting is so pretty it might be worth giving it a shot, even if just for appies & drinks on the deck to get a feel for it.

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          Cheeky Monkey has moved from Newport, but are having problems with closing on the new place - guess the current owner isn't being too cooperative. Check www.cheekymonkeynarragansett.com for details.

          Coast Guard House is under new management, but I haven't heard much good about it recently, either. Good place for drinks, not so great for food is still pretty much what I'm hearing. Can anyone give an update?

          Can't agree more about Crazy Burger. We're still addicted to the Bluebird Cafe in Wakefield, too. Love love love those biscuits!

          Liliana's at the Holiday Inn on Tower Hill is pretty good Italian. The Mews still satisfies.

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        We love Crazy Burger. Love. But due to their very well known Flaky Service (friendly, but just out to lunch, no pun intended)----we paid over $3.50 each for our kids' lemonades recently. We wanted simple lemonades, but apparently they charge you for a frozen, whether you order frozen or not...it's good, real lemonade, but sheesh, wouldn't have done that on that day. I checked the online menu from home and there it is----but we ordered these after having given the menus to the waitress, so this was all via a conversation between me and her. And any attempt to figure out why the price of the small lemonade later (not bust her chops, just question it----we had let them get a REFILL, not realizing----so over $12 in LEMONADE) was fruitless because she couldn't even follow the conversation.

        This was kind of frustrating. Minor, though, and a great meal. We just hadn't planned on it being a $72 post beach/kids in bathing suits lunch.

      3. Crave on Main st in Wakefield is very good http://www.craveseafoodsteak.com/
        Crazy Burger is the absolute best especially for brunch http://crazyburger.com/
        Amafi's overlooking the Narragansett town beach is very good, they also have outdoor patio seating facing the beach http://www.amalfiri.com/
        Cheeky Monkey is having some issues that is delaying their opening http://www.cheekymonkeynarragansett.com/
        Turtle Soup is good, also overlooking the bay http://www.tasteri.com/projo/reviews/...
        Closer to URI is Cucina Twist, mostly Italion http://www.pinellimarrarestaurants.co...
        Caterin's Italian Village Narragansett http://thephoenix.com/article_ektid44...

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          Crazy Burger has great breakfasts.
          Spain has good paella and veal and sangria.
          I like Charlie Os aka Simons and Mews for standard fared and beers.
          Champlains for fried seafood and very casual.
          I've heard good things about crave but haven't been.
          Shogun in south county commons does a good benihana.

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            Went to Crave on Friday night. Very, very good. But watch for the quotation marks on the menu. The lobster "eclair" isn't an eclair, more like a profiterole (delicious all the same), and the beef "filet" is sirloin which I found highly disturbing. Really, guys, find a better name for that dish! Tell me what the dish is, not what it's masquerading as.

            Service was good - we had the same waitress we sometimes have at the Bluebird which is a typical South County experience, I must say! Wine selection was excellent. We'll definitely be back.

        2. Try The Ugly old Toad...located in the spot where Whileys and 1200 ocean road used to be. It is right next to Spain. Recently we have enjoyed Elliots right across from the block island ferry in the dutch inn. The jerk chicken is great, we sat at the bar...the bartender was wonderful food terrific(same owners as Turtle Soup) The last two weekends we have ended up at Amalfi out on the Deck and had great food and service

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            Here's a few more to add to your list:
            good basic seafood,no frills - Duffy's Tavern in No Kingstown
            Italian - Katerina's near Bonnet
            different - try Tricia's tropical grill in Jamestown or Chopmist Charlie (good food and good prices
            excellent value and food - Richard's Pub in East Greenwich
            good basic fish or good breakfast - Seaview Station in North Kingstown

            Have fun!

          2. Crazy Burger, Crazy Burger. YUM. Brunch outside on the patio, and check out their homemade little fudgy cookies.

            84 High Street in Westerly is great, offering a Tuesday night special. It's set right by the pretty park filled with big old trees. On Tuesdays, I think it's an app, two entrees, and a dessert for $40. Lunch is terrific there too.

            Champlins in Galilee is the place to meander away an early evening, sipping something cool on the deck and watching the lobster boats and ferries chug into port. Lobster bisque is lovely. Beware of lines!

            For takeout clam shacks, don't miss out on Iggy's. I'd say grab your chowdah and take it to one of the nearby beaches.

            Sweetcakes is an adorable little cafe and bakery with scrumptious sweets -- on Kingstown Road in Peacedale.

            Maybe you should check out one of the farmers' markets if you're looking for picnic fare -- I like the market in Saunderstown at Casey Farm on Saturday mornings. Tuesday afternoons you can find one by the marina (hospital exit off Rte 1). 2pm to 6pm, Wakefield.

            Shelter Harbor Inn in Westerly on Rte 1 (right as you enter Westerly from Charlestown) is delightful. The ProJo just ran a piece on the Inn last week, and I am always happy with the food and ambiance there. It's a bit pricier, a great place to get dolled up for dinner. You can poke around some of the pretty Charlestown beaches before/after dinner!

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              I agree with foxy fairy about every thing but Iggy's. The chowder is always disappointing to me, their scallops consistently taste old, and even the clam strips are greasy. Clam cakes are sinkers, too. We had good luck when we went to Monahan's on Narragansett Pier and Johnny Angel's down by the Charlestown Breachway, though. I'd recommend those places for a clam shack experience. Of course, your mileage will vary!

            2. Crazy burger is always a hometown favorite by any local in narragansett or south kingstown...but right down the road is Markos, which is middle eastern food. It's absolutely amazing; the owner is from Syria and makes regular visits there and a lot of their food is incredibly healthy and/or vegan (as is crazy burgers). I've been to Crave several times and their food is a step above mediocre, but it should be excellent for the price paid. Spain, in narragansett, is absolutely wonderful albeit pricey. It boasts an excellent wine list, though. Aside from that, the Mews (i believe) makes their own microbrews, definitley Sweet Cakes Bakery in Peacedale if you're looking for something sweet, and Pier pizza in narragansett for a quick bite.