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Aug 10, 2007 08:26 AM

A Toronto equivilant for La Vieille Europe (grocery store in montreal)

Does anyone know if there is something like La Vieille Europe in montreal. this store is awsome. taken from

"Anyone looking for a taste of the fresh and savoury delicacies of the Old World should pay a visit to the La Vieille Europe deli located on Montreal's culturally diverse St-Laurent Boulevard. Selling a wide range of imported products from all across Europe, including England, France and Germany, La Vieille Europe has everything you need to enjoy a traditional European meal. The store sells over 300 different types of cheeses from all the major cheese producers of Europe, as well as specialty meats, cold cuts, sausages and breads that are sure to arouse the taste buds of gourmands from all walks of life. As well, La Vieille Europe boasts the largest selections of jams and teas, two particular English delicacies, in all of Montreal. "

so watu buy there? French mayo (benedica brand and others that come from tubes, real egg taste), awsome jams, pate, truffle, smokes duck, anchovy. all direct imports from france, not modified versions for north america. awsome fresh cheap cheese. basically you feel like you're walkin in a grocery store in France. They even have saucisson lyonaisse! and it's not expenseve at all.

is there an equivilant of this for Toronto?! thanks in advance.

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  1. There is something on a much smaller scale that would be similar to La Vielle Europe (which is truly outstanding!) It's called Epicure and it's on Parliament a few blocks south of Bloor on the east side.

    1. I'm unacquainted with La Vieille Europe, but no single place comes to mind. Perhaps St Lawrence Market would do, because then you'd have Alex Farms for cheese, Whitehouse Meats for specialty items like smoked duck, and that place in the basement for tough-to-find condiments.

      Epicure might disappoint you. It's not bad, but it is small. Really small.

      1. I have been to La Vieille Europe and, though there's nothing quite like it here, your best bet might be The Cheese Boutique. They have lots of imported cheeses, smoked and cured meats, and a greats selection of imported products from overseas.

        They also carry a nice variety of locally made condiments from small producers in Niagara, Prince Edward County and other regions, as well as a small selection of Ontario and Quebec cheeses.

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          Is Cheese Boutique better than La Vieille Europe(taking everything in account)? I've never been to the Cheese Boutique, but I hear it mentioned all the time on the Toronto food discussion boards.

        2. I would second the St.Lawrence market; it is not that huge and you will find everything you need. Compared to some other places I've been (Diana's grocers, Pusateri's), the prices are not even that bad. Alex cheese is my latest favourite cheese place.

          1. Thanks guys, i'll check out Epicure and Cheese Boutique. St Lawrence, I go to here and there. but it's rather expensive.

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              Just to warn you.... I love The Cheese Boutique, because it does have the best selection in the city, but if you find SLM expensive, The Cheese Boutique is not a budget-conscious option.