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Aug 10, 2007 08:26 AM

Jackson, NH anniversary dinner

Will be spending a weekend in Jackson in late September for a 10-year anniversary getaway (i.e. no kids!) Looking to have one extra-special-delicous-possibly-romantic dinner out. We've stayed in the area several times but always with kids. From searching the board the following look to be some possibilities for our special night out. Husband can be a bit picky so its good to have a good variety on the menu. We also tend to order seafood over, say, steak/chicken, as long as its fresh. Also prefer places that aren't "stuffy" (i.e. don't tell my hubs he has to wear a jacket at dinner). Don't mind a bit of a drive. Which of these would be the best of the best?

Inn at Thorn hill
Notchland Inn
Thompson House Eatery
1785 Inn
The Wentworth


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  1. I have had great meals at both the 1785 and the Inn at Thorn Hill. At the Inn at Thorn Hill you can also eat in the lounge instead of at the restaurant- they have small and big plates- it is fun to order different plates and share them. Neither of these places are stuffy.

    1. I had the best mushroom soup of my life at the Wentworth, and it was a very romantic setting. Happy anniversary!

      1. The Inn at Thorn Hill is the fanciest of the three, though you certainly don't need to wear jacket & tie. They have an extensive wine list and the food is very good. The Notchland Inn is a personal favorite--they serve 5 course dinners that are quite reasonable, and the wine list is small but good. It's more casual, food is served in one seating at 7:00, and the owners' Bernese mountain dogs roam the dining room. Thompson House Eatery is more like a tavern, though the food is good.