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Aug 10, 2007 08:15 AM

Peach fuzz

Hi all, Is there a secret to peeling a peach, or will a vegetable peeler suffice?



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  1. a vegetable peeler will really only work if the peach isn't terribly ripe. the secret is to make a small "x" on the bottom of the peach with a paring knife and then drop it in boiling water for 30 seconds. then, immediately plunge it in a bowl of ice water (so it doen't cook) and the skin will slide right off. it's the same technique i use for peeling tomatoes.


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      I do basically the same thing - although I don't bother with making an "x" on the bottom and I immerse it in boiling water for 10 to 12 seconds, then remove with a slotted spoon and hold it under cold running water while I peel - the skin slips off easily. I only do this if I need to peel a number of peaches - if I only need one or two, a sharp paring knife works just fine.

    2. The riper the peach, the easier it is to peel without the immersion technique.

      1. Just buy a good serrated peeler -- works great on peaches, tomatoes...

        1. small, sawing motions with a sharp pairing knife or peeler can help peel difficult fruits and can peel off citrus zests, leaving the zest intact to be fished out later if required in the recipe.

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            When I make my peach jam I don`t peel them, I just wash them real good and put in
            the blender. making sure there is no bruses or blemishes on them. I get a better
            taste that way.

          2. So as it turns out, I was able to peel 4 peaches pretty quickly using my peeler. Go figure.
            Is there a way to tell if my peeler is serrated after I threw away the packaging? How big are the, uh... serates?

            Thanks for the help!