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Aug 10, 2007 08:01 AM

get cracklin'

I have been elected to help out a friend's yearly pig roast, but so far they have not managed to get good crispy skin. Can anyone offer some tips? They use a homemade rotisserie, and encase the pig in chicken wire which pulls the skin right off, leaving it not very crispy at all.

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  1. Normally I pour boiling water over the skin, then poke small holes all over with a thin skewer so that the skin will blister. Lastly I rub it down with vinegar and salt generously. Low heat to cook and then finish over high heat to fully crisp the skin.

    La Caja China tends to have good results for skin, but I imagine this preparation should work for an open fire as well.

    1. Why are wrapping it in chicken wire ?

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        I think it's a suggested way to save the limbs from falling into the coals. Looks like it may also be suggested in order to remove the fat before digging in.

      2. Here is an interesting link that gives good instructions, it is not a rotisserie tho'. But since they are looking for a better method, it may work. And the site sure makes it look fun.