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Aug 10, 2007 07:57 AM

british cold groceries?

I have a new British brother-in-law now living in philly, who has been driving to NYC for his freezer items (sausages, etc.) but I thought that there was a place in the Chestnut Hill area where he could get these things? I can't seem to find it and I never did know the name of it.
Anyone have any suggestions for me? He is specifially looking for meats, pasties, that sort of thing- not the teas and cookies, which we can get here easily.


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  1. Best of Britain left Chestnut Hill several years ago. I think there's a Best of British (?) on Lancaster Avenue on the Main Line...Devon, maybe? It might be just a tea room, though.

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      Taste of Britain is what it is called - and it is a tea room, but they also have a pretty large selection of british items - but I don't remember seeing any freezer items, these were all dry goods. But then again, I wasn't looking too hard, british sausage is not my thing.

      Taste of Britain is very close to the Whole Foods in Devon.


    2. I haven't been there, but the Irish Coffee Shop in Upper Darby reportedly has groceries as well and table service:

      8443 Westchester Pike
      Upper Darby, PA 19012
      Telephone 610 449 7449

      1. Closer than NYC but still a bit of a hike, there is a small British specialty shop on Main Street in Medford, NJ (perhaps The British Store was the name). I was there a few months ago and she had just opened. I know she was selling frozen back bacon. I don't know if she was or was planning to stock other tasty treats, but she may be worth giving a

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          i am sure that if you call any british or irish restaurant you can get some good recommendations. i know that there are sites online where you can have the stuff delivered to your door (much easier than driving to new york) and there is a shop at the corner or 8th and south that sells some british/irish food. i think they have a fridge/freezer, though not sure what's in it or what the place is called. very helpful, i know, but in case he's in the area he can pop in.

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            Right, it's called The British Store. 609-654-4622. Linda Phillips is the owner.

          2. Thanks everyone!!


            1. The original comment has been removed