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Aug 10, 2007 07:54 AM

Cooking School to take a Class

Can anyone recommend a Cooking School to take classes in Boston?

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  1. I've taken a baking class through Cambridge School for Culinary Arts on Mass Ave near Porter Square- great class, fantastic space & equipment.

    Also, there are several options for community/adult education classes throughout the city and beyond. I know Cambridge, Boston and Brookline all have their own community education programs with tons of class options.

    1. also the elizabeth bishop center at bu and the boston center for adult education.

      1. This thread was recently revived:

        Should give you a few more ideas for locales, as well as a few specific classes.

        1. Yes, Boston University's Programs in Food and Wine just posted their cl.asses on line.
          They have hands-on classes (Latino with Carlos Rodriguez from Orinoco, breadbaking AT ClearFlour, Fall New England with Michael Leviton at Lumiere). They also have demonstration classes with some big names -- Jacques Pepin, Mary Ann Esposito, Ana Sortun, etc. etc.

          1. I loved my classes at Cambridge Culinary. They have a lot of experince and really care about the students. It's also a value compared to FCI.