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Aug 10, 2007 07:46 AM

Freeport with kids

I'll be spending a Saturday in Freeport with some friends and the chowpups. We'll be around there mostly all day, as we need to place our chairs at LL Bean in the morning and return in the evening for their music series.

I've found a few places that look promising for chow. Let me know what you guys think.

1. Isabella's Sticky Buns. I'm not sure if we're going to eat breakfast at home or in Freeport, but this sounds like a good choice. My kids will eat breakfast anytime, so a lunch of pancakes goes over with them, too. We may have quite a crowd with us. Will that be a problem?
2. Lobster Cooker. Dinner will probably be a rushed affair and since I heard this place is self-service, I thought it might be a good choice. Places that cater to tour groups make me antsy, though.
3. Crickets. Menu looks like normal New England-type fare. Stuff for the pups. Outside patio, which might be nice.
4. China Rose. After a week camping on MDI, I think I'll be ready for some Chinese and a buffet will get folks fed quickly. Any good? BTW, I'm allergic to MSG.

Any suggestions for a to-go sandwich place so we can take our dinner to the park if need be?

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  1. We just returned from 10 days in Maine, 3 of which we spent in Freeport with our two boys. I'd put in a recommendation for Gritty McDuff's, which has a decent kids menu as well as treats for the adults (they brew their own). The Thai place south of town near the hotels is very good. If you can get there, the Haraseeket Lunch and Lobster down in South Freeport is worth the trip.

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      I very strongly recomend Haraseeket Lunch and Lobster on the harbor in Freeport. It is a real Maine "lobster shack" and lunch there may prove to be the highlight of your trip to Freeport. It is easy to drive there and you can get driving directions from the information booth at LL Bean. Also, the kids should love being on the harbor and pier.

    2. Isabella's fine choice for breakfast. Limited sit-down available however so depends on size of your crowd. You order at counter and it is brought to you.

      Lobster Cooker. avoid avoid avoid truly awful "tourist" fried seafood offerings.

      Crickets is fine except it is a drive from "downtown".

      China Rose...excellent (for Maine) chinese food. good lunch specials and lunch buffet.

      Corsican (Mechanic St) good lunch/dinner options for soup/salad/sand/entrees for sit down or to-go.

      Jameson Tavern can be OK for pub food on patio but may not meet your "quick" timing needs.

      Broad Arrow Tavern (inside Harasseekett Inn) best option for good eats in fun atmosphere. Variety from pizza to fish/chips to meat/fish entrees and lobster. Again this may not meet your "quick" requirement but if you do have the time you'll enjoy it.

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        Cricket's isn't Cricket's anymore. It's Pedro O'Haras, Irish and Mexican and neither are spectacular.

        There are several hot dog/sausage carts around Freeport if you want a really quick bite. I've never had a sausage at one but they always smell good. The hot dogs are brown and nothing spectacular.

        Buck's Naked BBQ is down Route 1 a few miles.. as is a place called Cindy's that has take-out seafood. Either would pack for travel if you wanted to send someone down for takeout.

        You could grab some good bread at When Pig's Fly and some cheese at Freeport Wine & Cheese and have a nice little picnic.

        Are you going this weekend or next to the Indigo Girls? Thanks for the tip about chair placement!!

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          Thanks for the tips! Mmmmm.... barbecue is sounding REALLY good.... I forgot about Buck's Naked. Someone mentioned that to me a while ago. I like the idea of sending someone to fetch!

          It was a tough decision between Great Big Sea and John Hiatt, but JH won out as we just saw GBS this past winter in Providence. If anyone has the time to see them tomorrow, by all means GO. They're a fun band.