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Aug 10, 2007 07:40 AM

Birthday dim sum in Chinatown

Can somebody recommend a place for a group of 8 for my birthday tomorrow? I'm Chinese myself, and dislike most dim sum places; I don't like either Jing Fong or Dim Sum Go Go. Some place clean and spacious, please, and with delish, not-oversalted dim sum? Thanks to all in advance.

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  1. I liked Ping's a lot. And my boyfriend's family--originally from Hong Kong but who now live in LA with incredible dim sum--liked it a lot too. His mom wanted to go back twice in the few days she was visiting.

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    1. re: abud

      I second Ping's. We normally hit this place if we doing chinese in Chinatown.

      1. re: ammel_99

        Ping's has good dim sum. Dim sum a go go is good and some innovative dishes but it lacks the experience of the carts going around,,,, 30 Pell is real good. Triple 8's(888 E. Bway) alot of Chinese friends like, it's an experience, especially checking the various shops downstairs in the mall. . The place next to the OTB is OK too. And the seafood place on Division st is Ok also.

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          re: the OTB place; this is chatham square restaurant? the old school looking place?

        2. re: ammel_99

          The problem with Ping's is sometimes the servers carry the dim sum around on trays. They hold it about chest level and so the food is really close to them. They tend to call out the item names so depending on the person and how much they talk/spray, the food gets coated in saliva. Take a look at that the next time you go. It's pretty amusing at first then it just gets gross.

          1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

            double-edged sword, and, that's gross.

            I figure the trays are good because it means they're fresh out the steamer/kitchen.

        3. re: abud

          Do you mean Ping's Seafood on Mott? Went there years ago and thought the dim sim was too salty & MSG-y. Maybe it's gotten better? I do agree with Lau here that NY in general has pretty blahh dim sum.

          1. re: pinkylechat

            yep. We all loved it. Didn't think anything tasted too unhealthy--but I generally don't eat too much of the fried stuff

        4. Why don't you like Jing Fong? I'm not Chinese, so I'd like to know if it's just not authentic or there are problems I am missing.

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          1. re: iv2040

            Unimpressive dim sum (and greasy, salty noodles), lousy service, dirty floors & furniture, noisy, and the most nauseating smell outside of the place, on their sidewalk.

            1. re: iv2040

              i dont really care about decor (and to a degree i dont even care about the cleanliness), but the food at jing fong is very ehhh (NY in general has pretty blahh dim sum), but i think Jing Fong and Golden Unicorn are pretty sub par

              1. re: Lau

                very disappointed with Golden Unicorn (went a few weeks ago after hearing it was tops) but with bad selection and rough execution, just not very good.

                avoid jing fong for labor practice reasons, and golden palace is also too big to enjoy.

                I'd have to jump on the Ping bandwagon for this question (consistently good, and love the trays) and I also like Tai Hong Lau which is also on Mott Street.

                1. re: bigjeff

                  Didn't Tai Hong Lau close? or is it renovating?

                  1. re: DarthEater

                    haven't been in a few months so I can't say for sure but Ihope its just renovating! have never eaten there for anything but dimsum, but, ya, it was pretty good, not super-glitzy, but, quite good.

                  2. re: bigjeff

                    I like Golden Unicorn, and it is quite big with large tables that could accomodate a large party. I do agree the selection was on the poor side, but if you're familiar with dim sum you can ask for certain things and they will bring it out. Last time there I was craving chinese broccoli w/ the oyster sauce, I asked, they brought it right out.

                    1. re: SweetPea914

                      yeah I wanted some braised chicken feet but all they had were these white duck feet; asked a few times but I guess they didn't have it. dim sum staple; you gotta have it!