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Aug 10, 2007 07:23 AM

Takeaway near Southwark Bridge Road

I'm after reccommendations for good takeaways (or restaurants that do takeaways) within reasonable walking distance (ie. so I can get back before the food is too cold ...) of Southwark Bridge Road - either side of the river.

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  1. What sort of food do you like? And how about getting delivery instead of takeaway?

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    1. re: Kake

      I like all sorts of food, so any ideas welcome, and yes, delivery would probably be ok (I'll be staying in a hotel, so I'm never sure what they think of people getting food delivered to their door!).

      1. re: Theresa

        OK, my personal recommendation is Simply Indian: see for review, map, etc. Not overly expensive, and a nicely varied menu. If you like Indian food you should definitely try it out. I particularly like their crab curry.

        I also quite like Suchard Thai: see — it's a cheap and cheerful option rather than spectacular authentic Thai food, but it's good at what it does.

        There's a Feng Sushi at London Bridge; not the most exciting sushi in the world, but it's not bad.

        1. re: Kake

          I'd second the Suchard recommendation, althought you'll probably want to hop the RV1 on the way back if you don't want your food to get too cold. There's lots around Southwark Bridge...if you want to rely on the chains (gang, don't yell at me, okay)'ve got Wagas, Nando's, Pizza Express, the Real Greek...everything really. You are not hurting for options.

          I guess my question is why get takeaway when you have so many nice options to visit personally?

          1. re: kristainlondon

            I'm down on business, and will be alone - I know that there are many places which are fine to eat alone in, but I personally hate doing that - I enjoy trying out different takeaways (depending where I am in London) and eating them whilst watching rubbish on the television - it's a bit of peace and personal indulgence whilst I'm away from home!

          2. re: Kake

            Thanks for the Simply Indian recommendation. I went with that both nights, as it was so near to where I was staying and because it was Independence Day! The first meal I had was really good - I had some lovely minced chicken dumplings (Momo) with a great tamarind chutney. I ordered the Baigan Nariyal as a side dish, and although I loved the flavours, I found it a bit stodgey after a while. My main dish was Sindhi Murgh, which was delicious, and the rice was also very good.

            On the second night, I was tempted just to have the same but forced myself to order something different. It was a bit disappointing though. I did order the dumplings again though, as I had liked them so much. However, when I opened the carton, they were raw....! The pasta type parcel was gooey and hadn't been cooked at all, and the inside looked completely different from the previous night - it was orange in colour. I'm not sure if it was just raw chiken, or if they had put something else in. I phoned them and they delivered a replacement cooked portion ... I also had the lamb rogan, which was very nice and good quality lamb, but, I suspect the same sauce as my chicken had been served in the night before. I ordered a side dish of paneer kofte in a yoghurt, tomato and onion sauce - it might just be me, but I found this inedible - it was very sweet, and just tasted like some lumps of paneer with a sickly korma sauce poured over it. It was advertised as being: Moglai Paneer Kofta - Our home made cheese balls with spicy potato, fried onion & tomatoes cooked with thick spicy yoghurt. It wasn't in the slightest bit spicey.

            So - thanks for the reommendation - it was mixed, but I would still go there again for the momos and the Sindhi Murgh.

            1. re: Theresa

              here's a quetsion for you: if you see a restaurants menu has the following items, what would your reaction be?

              under appetizers, you find
              a) hummus
              b) blood pudding
              c) caviar

              etc and under the main dishes you find
              a) coq au vin
              b) taramasalata
              c) spaghetti bolognese

              no logic, randomly chosen dishes. how are you supposed to make a meal out of that list? thats how the 'simply indian' menu reads ... and baingan nariyal! 'baingan' is a north indian word and nariyal is used only from maharastra/andhra southwards.

              1. re: howler

                I see what you mean about the names. I think perhaps what they're trying to do is say "we may be just a curryhouse, but we're better than all the X in gravy, Y in gravy places". Because they are.

                Would I travel any distance to go to Simply Indian? No. I use it because it's one of the best takeaways in the area.

                1. re: howler

                  Point taken :o)

                  Out of interest - I don't have a problem with menus being made up of food from a wide area - eg. a mediterranean restaurant would and does work. Do you think that it's fundamentally impossible for a restaurant to have a range of dishes from different parts of India which work together? Or is it just that at Simply Indian they've not thought about how it all goes together ... (and the memory of the paneer kofte sauce still makes me heave ...)

                  1. re: Theresa

                    india is massively diverse - the proper comparison is all of europe, not just the med. so its theoretically possible with an army of trained cooks, but i'd say practically impossible.

                    and meals always have a logic - you eat some things togther - its the combination of tastes that counts, not some haphazard collection of dishes.

                2. re: Theresa

                  Oh dear, I'm sorry you didn't like it. I'm not sure I've ever had the meat/cheese dishes from there, just the vegetables and the crab curry. I really should have said that. In fact the thing I like about the vegetable dishes is that they _don't_ all taste like they're in exactly the same sauce, so it's a shame to hear that this doesn't extend to the meat dishes.

                  1. re: Kake

                    I couldn't be certain about the chicken and lamb dishes both being in the same sauce - but it certainly looked like it and the flavour was very similar for what was supposed to be two very different spice mixes. Having said that, the sauce the lamb was in actually tasted of lamb, so it's an improvement on most places which just have one or two basic sauces which taste the same whatever meat is in them, and chuck in a bit of extra onion for a do piaza or extra chilli for a vindaloo ...

                    I agree with you - it's not worth travelling any distance to, but I wouldn't mind it being round the corner from my house!