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Aug 10, 2007 07:21 AM

Woodstock-Killington-Rutland, VT

Any suggestions for the Woodstock-Killington-Rutland, VT area? I'll be up in VT for a month. I'm interested in the whole range of dining (inexpensive to expensive). Thanks!

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  1. When we're in that area we like:
    The Woodstock Inn.

    River Tavern in Plymouth - in the Hawk Inn & Mt. Resort complex. Rt.100S.

    The Back Behind - Junction of Rts. 100 & 4 (There's a cute caboose where you can dine. A bit of a climb though. Fun!

    Hemingway's Restaurant - Rt. 4

    Panda Pavillion - Chinese, 283 US Route 4 E, Rutland (802) 775-6682

    Little Harry's - 121 West St., Rutland (802) 747-4848

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    1. re: Gio

      Are you thinking of Casey's Caboose on the access road that has the caboose car you can dine in? I don't recall anything like that at the back behind - but I only sat at the bar.

      I don't think I would recommend the BB to anyone. buddy got a burger there that was totally rancid - and they were kind enough to make him another one ! The barbeque tastes like lighter fluid - total amateur hour when it comes to Q - and they wouldn't even replace my meal or take it off the bill when I complained to the manager. I know I will never step foot in that place again.

      1. re: LStaff

        The BB does have a caboose out behind the main restaurant. DH & I had a great dinner there two years ago. I had quail. Delicious, as I remember. They must have
        gone down hill since then. We used to have dinner there regularly when we were staying in Plymouth.

      2. re: Gio

        On the Killington access road, Choices is quite good. I think they're only open 4 or 5 days in the summer. Their Sunday brunch is excellent if they're doing it at this time of the year. Eat at the bar. At a higher price point, the Birch Ridge Inn also has great food. I find Hemmingway's a little pricey for their food & service level. They charge big city prices where I expect food art and they don't quite pull it off. The food is very good but the portions are tiny and it's not a great value. A cocktail on the porch at the Grist Mill is great but do not eat their food. Avoid anything else at Killington.

        Corners Inn in West Bridgewater is pretty good. The Long Trail Brewery, also in West Bridgewater, is good for a burger and a beer.

        Sugar & Spice in Mendon does a good breakfast though you don't want to be there on weekends when it's overrun with tourons. Countryman's Pleasure, also in Mendon, has excellent German food. I always get the sauerbraten, spaetzle, and red cabbage.

      3. I would highly reccomend The Pleasant St Bistro in Woodstock.

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        1. re: kechefs

          Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm in Woodstock/Quechee - Tel. 802-295-3133

          Ask to dine outside. Very nice meal, though somewhat pricey.

          1. re: Dim Sum Diva

            No disrespect intended but I would avoid the Woodstock Inn. Quechee Inn is great as is Pleasant St Bistro. In Woodstock, also consider Pane Y Salute. For lunch try Mountain Creamery, Allechante or a take out sandwich from the Village Butcher.

            1. re: greenstate

              I think that one of the best meals to be had is at the Parker House Inn.
              The new owners ( 2 years?) have really turned around this place and my group think it's the most charming and unique (food, decor and location) of all of these places. Far less stuffy than Woodstock inn or Quechee Inn. Also they have interesting live music on sundays. Cool french bistro atmosphere and menu.

        2. Oh, I forgot to mention Simon Pierce in Quechee. Great for lunch or dinner.

          Love the food - love the view. Plus, there's a retail store and you can watch the glass blowers at work.

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          1. re: Gio

            The general local consensus is that SP has really gone down in quality- and most of us go for lunch only.

            1. re: professorbeezer

              Professor, I would not characterize the Quechee Inn as "stuffy" nor would I put it anywhere near the same classification as the Woodstock Inn. It is more quaint and New England in style, where the Parker House is more avant garde and European - both have very good food. Agree totally with you on Simon Pearce. We love it for lunch and never go for dinner anymore.

              1. re: greenstate

                Thanks greenstate, I always enjoy and search out your posts. I guess these are more subjective opinions because I wouldn't call the Parker House avant garde ( brings to mind people in black turtlenecks, smoking ;). Maybe creative European- which is nice to have as an option in this area. The Quechee Inn while a beautiful property, seems a little tired sometimes- kind of like a lot of the other New England Inns in the region. Which is definetly ":quaint" . I guess I'm saying there's something for everyone in this area.

                1. re: greenstate

                  I don't recall posts on this board suggesting that Simon Pearce has gone downhill. Did I just miss them?

                  That said, I prefer it for lunch too. But I don't have enough experience with dinner there to detect any trends.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    We mostly go to SP for dinner and each time it has been very satisfactory and satisfying indeed. Service has been excellent, food has been tasty and innovative. We always make this a stop when we're in Vermont.

                    1. re: Gio

                      I don't know if Simon Pearce's dinners have gone downhill, but they are so outshined by the lunches, and they are so much more expensive, that in comparison, it is difficult to justify dinner there. The lunch menu changes often and it is inspired and creative. The dinner menu is much more stagnant, with far fewer choices. I had lunch there last week and I had a fabulous cesaer salad with pan fried, panko-crusted oytsers and a side of the best garlic bread I've ever eaten. It was memorable, it didn't break the bank and it left us all wanting to go back for lunch again - sooner than later. I've never felt that way about their dinners, although the first time I had their horseradish-crusted cod, I was very impressed. It's just that their lunches always "WOW" me and their dinners do not.

            2. Kirol

              I am in the Rutland area for the next 3 mos..perhaps we can compare notes-- My husband and I have been doing the restaurant tour and some of it leaves a lot to be desired.
              Are you staying in Rutland or where?

              We particularly like Sabby's in Rutland- It is just a pub but the food is good and NOT expensive. They have daily specials and on Monday, it was Prime Rib for $12.95- included baked pot and a great salad....

              We also went down to Manchester and there is a great gourmet restaurant, run by a female chef from the NE Culinary Institute - it's called the Perfect Wife and we LOVE it.

              In addition, DO NOT go to Back Behind as it is outragously Expensive and NOT worth the price..We had the pork ribs and the beef ribs-the beef ribs were enuf to share but the meal so so OVERPRICED...

              We also went to THE LAKE HOUSE which is on Lake Bemosson- right outside Rutland. we went on Wed. and they had a jazz band outside on the lake- and you eat dinner overlooking the lake- great atmosphere- good food. Husband again had the ribs and he loved them-- I compared them to Applebees- but they were a huge portion and tasted good.

              We also go down to Mulligans on Wed or Thurs nite as they have a clambake there for $19.95 that is a , again , is a pub type restaurant.

              We also went to Zoeys Double Hex- in Manchester,,they make the BEST Maple glazed chicken dinner...and they are also very very $11.95 for the dinner.

              For Pizza in Rutland, try Sal;s or Ramuntos...

              And for Italian in Rutland, the Three Tomatoes is GREAT- wonderful atmosphere-great italian- pricey but you can really share a pasta dish as the portions are huge.

              If you want to get together and compare notes- let me know as I am going nuts here-

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              1. re: Andy

                Minor correction: it's Lake Bomoseen., not Bemosson.

              2. I really like Pizza Jerks on the access road to the mountain.

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                1. re: Morganna

                  On the Killington access road, I prefer the wood-fired oven pizza at Outback Pizza to Pizza Jerks. Outback Pizza also has a much better vibe.

                  Pizza Jerks is really a takeout place with linoleum and formica decor in what passes for a dining room. It's a fair approximation of a NY-style pie if that's what you are looking for.

                  Both are very expensive compared to Rutland prices. In Rutland, The Palms is the old standby that has been there forever.

                  1. re: GeoffD

                    Oh well I wasn't recommending it for ambiance. :) My husband's from Long Island, and so we're always on the lookout for pizza that's more NY style and yummy like that. :)