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Aug 10, 2007 07:21 AM

Dupont tonight?

Looking for a place to eat/drink with about 10 people. We usually head to Loriel Plaza for the margaritas but don't want the wait. Someone suggested Big Hunt but eh.. too hole in the wall. I'm not very familiar with Dupont so if anyone can suggest something in a moderate price range, not a huge wait, but not a dive bar that would be great. Thanks!

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  1. How about right across the street from Lauriol Place at Regent Thai. Great food and drinks.

    Also if you are into Thai there is always Mai Tai in Dupont. Both of these places are moderatly priced with fun drinks and good Thai food.

    You can also try to get a bunch of tables together outside at Sette Osteria. I would call ahead to see if they can fit that many people though. Good Italian food with a full bar and wine list.

    Another option is Biddy Mulligans if you are looking for along the lines of bar/Irish pub food.

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      Biddy Mulligans is perfect! Thanks!