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Aug 10, 2007 07:04 AM

Food at Didier....or ?

Having an Anniversary soon and thought we might go to GLOBE which we really enjoyed but just passed DIDIER the other day and have never been. I also noticed a dearth of reviews of late for this DIDIER so am wondering should we try it or not?

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  1. the lack of reviews/responses is awesome! It's either that good or that bad!!!
    C'mon I make a reservation or not?

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    1. re: pearlD

      I haven't been to Didier yet, but anything he is involved with is usually wonderful.

      1. re: pearlD

        Ok. The truth.
        It was so bad that after the second visit (put the first one down to opening problems) I vowed never to return. And haven't - so I can't give you a recent review.
        But it was awful. bad food and worse service!

        3 Meals at Globe - all excellent.

        1. re: estufarian

          I must agree on this one.

          The food wasn't really bad just pretty pedestrian. HOWEVER, the service was atrocious. Perhaps it was just a case of getting the machinery oiled. We haven't been recently and one certainly hopes it has improved.

          Perhaps Didier is in need of a sabatical. One would expect more from his kitchen.

          1. re: basile

            ....the Globe it is! Thanks guys!

            1. re: pearlD

              I can't disagree more. The food at Didier is phenomenal- he's one of the best (if not the best) chef in the city.
              The steak tartare is melt-n-your-mouth, perfectly seasoned and tender.
              The salade nicoise is simple perfection, the oeufs en cocotte make a beautiful appetizer, the foie gras torchon is gorgeous, confited in duck fat.
              His beef is always unbelievable, the highlight of any of his food is his sauce, where you can taste the type of mastery that takes years of dedication. His sauces shine like a mirror on the plate with no particles or imperfections and they bring out the best qualities of their accompanying meat. It's the only restaurant in the city where you can expect true, unadulterated Parisian food.
              For dessert, the chocolate souffle has to be tried.

              I really, really recommend Didier. Perhaps there were some times where the kitchen and service needed some oiling, but I was just there a month ago and was blown away as usual.

              1. re: mia_wallace

                Thank you for your 'positive' review of 'Didier"....I had pretty well crossed it off my list in favour of Globe(but will rethink it)...a new twist however...The Town Grill has been suggested...the anniversary is on the 22nd so I'm now thinking of other places......Any other suggestions would be welcome (preferably in the same price range as Didier/Globe.