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Aug 10, 2007 07:00 AM

Work celebration dinner at Pops

I wanted to post on my dinner there last night as I had posted several weeks ago asking for recommendations for moderately priced restaurants near BMC. We had early reservations for 7 and they sat us out on the patio overlooking the garden. It was a nice semi-private room and I noticed that the smokiness of the restaurant that I've read about here was greatly diminished in this back room. We started off with some appetizers: a tuna ceviche special, the crab cakes, and the salad with fried oysters. The tune ceviche was decent but lacked could have used more salt. The most interesting thing about this dish was the cantoulope puree that accompanied it...not sure how much I liked it but it was a new flavor combination for my pallet. I did enjoy the crab cakes which were flavorful and relatively devoid of filler. For an entree I had the black seared cod with miso and jasmine rice. The cod was delicious (the 3 others who ordered it agreed). A great sweet and salty flavor and a very tender cod. The jasmine rice was ok (it was topped by some sort of root vegetable I think that I didn't care too much for). I thought the menu said it came with a cucumber salad of sorts but perhaps I was mistaken. Although I did not taste any other entrees, my co-workers who ordered the crispy duck and the roast chicken were very happy with their meals. For dessert I had the white chocolate bread pudding with a creme anglaise...quite delicious although I was envious of the chocolate tart my boss ordered. The service was great, attentive yet not overly so. All in all it was a great night and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks for all the recommendations given in response to my early post.

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  1. I recently also had a good experience at Pops. I can attest to the quality of the duck, and I think they make one of the best Pork Chops in the city...they're not afraid to cook it medium!

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      For me, Pops has helped fill a void in the Boston restaurant scene: affordable, high-quality food, with great atmosphere.

    2. Glad you had a good meal! I definitely think the new ventilation system makes a difference, though I only noticed a smell on my clothes in the old set-up when I sat at the counter. Have sat at the counter since; no smoke smell.

      The new sidewalk patio is quite pleasant, too; I've had some fine, reasonably priced lunches (giant, quality sandwiches for $9, with homemade chips) there on sunny days over the past few weeks.