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Jan 21, 2006 08:21 PM

Sausalito Hippy Restaurant: The Trident - when did it go away

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Does anyone know when Sausalito's funky Trident Restaurant closed? As a kid growing up in the Bay Area we'd often go there in the early 1970s. We moved to SoCal and all I have left are some of their amazing colorful menus - the one with the psychedelic artwork that looks like a concert handbill. It's as cool/hip as the wait help and natural food. (Remember Boozy smoothies?) Did The Trident survive the 1980s or is it now operating under another name? I looked it up on and nothing. If anyone knows any info. about this legendary r'rant, let me know. Thnx.

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  1. The Trident is now called Horizons, I think, but it belittles it to call it a "Hippy Restaurant." It was a well-known jazz club going back to around 1960. Some of Bill Evans' best work was recorded there, as were the first recordings of Vince Guaraldi (before he got Schultzed) and probably Denny Zeitlin's. At one point it was owned by the Kingston Trio.


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      Yes, the Trident was pre-hippie. Wasn't it open during the Beat Era.

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        Yes. I worked there as a hostess and bookkeeper and I want to find my friends!

    2. The Trident closed its doors in December of 1980. Frank Werber was the owner. He had been the manager of the Kingston Trio. The folks who owned the pier and the building, Ronn and Carol Mccann, opened Horizons. These are the facts.

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        Horizons closed recently for a remodel and is supposed to reopen soon as the Trident.

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            I hope they "let" the waitresses wear bras now.