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Aug 10, 2007 04:44 AM

Driving trip-Portland to Medford

We're taking a week to see the Cascades and will be driving form PDX to Medford, possibly returning the long way via Bend. Tentative plans are for a couple of nights each in Portland, with family, Corvallis, Eugene (might skip) and 2 or 3 in Medord and Ashland.

I've read the recent posts and just want to see if there's any updates, I don't remember seeing much in Corvallis on here, but my wife says she's seen a Ray Ray show where she was there. I guess if nothing else I can check out the food network site and see what she said. Although in Austin I think she pretty much hit the "touristy" spots and fortunately stayed away from our faves.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Golf God, are you guys coming from someplace beside the PNW?
    You can be in The Rogue Valley in 5 hours. I might suggest heading as far South as you're going to get, then work your way back up. Are you looking for golf/food combinations?
    I'm a big Novak's Fan in Albany, just to start. Wonderful breakfasts and pastries. Just nothing much like that out this way.

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    1. re: bbqboy

      Actually we're going down to Medford either Tuesday evening or Wednesday and then will go back to Portland for the weekend. Will hit Salem area on Monday and Tuesday.

      I have a tentative round with the nephew scheduled. But not taking my clubs with me.

      Thanks for the Novak's tip.

      1. re: golfgod

        That's too bad. You'll be so close to Bandon Dunes, widely considered to have three of the best non-private courses in the country. (And having played two of them, they are damn good.) However, down Medford way if you get over to Klamath Falls you could play the Running Y which is a pretty good course.

        Consider a trip from Bend across the McKenzie River pass to Eugene: obsidian flows, beautiful river, big trees. Tokatee Golf Course along there is a fun, well-maintained course in a gorgeous setting.

        About midway between Portland and Medford, I really like Aiyara's for Thai, which just opened back up, and Big Stuff for BBQ in Cottage Grove. Also, you should consider a 10 minute trip off I-5 to Stayton for pizza at Apizza. Likewise, the BBQ at the Salem Buster's is pretty good. Those are some of my favorites in the valley.

    2. There's one place you absolutely have to stop at, Novak's Hungarian Restaurant in Albany. The food is authentic, moderately priced, and superb. The place is a near occasion of the deadly sin of Gluttony. They're open from 6:30AM to 9PM.

      1. GG, farmer's market is Thursday in the Medford Armory parking lot just S. of Stewart on 99.
        Also, pretty good tacos in Sutherlin about 1/2 mile east of exit in old drive in.
        White Horse Coffee also there.
        Plenty of Mexi in GP inclding Tacos, Burritos, and More on 6th a little east of M.
        If you want RV suggestions just ask.