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Aug 10, 2007 04:18 AM

Ocean City Restaurants

Some of our favorites are Bayside Skillet - very good for Breakfast - Nick Idonis's for great ribs and barbecue - Does anyone out there know if The Hobbit has yet reopened. I will be going down there this weekend and would like to make plans to go to their new location - Just not sure if they have completed construction yet and I can find nothing anywhere on the web about it....or maybe I just do not know where to look...

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  1. I recently enjoyed Satellite somewhere around 60th for breakfast. There is another in a hotel, but the one I went to was on the bayside. Good coffee & fresh made food with different options from the norm.

    I didnt think the Hobbit was going to reopen, I thought it was demolished for more condos.... I'd be interested t see what really happens. I have not been to OC since March.

    Our family favorites include Duffys & Sunset Grill. I am always looking for more good places, so here's hoping for more low cost options to appear on this thread.

    1. If you don't mind going in to Delaware, the Blue Coast Grill if fabulous. Their sister store, NorthEast, is also awesome.