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Aug 9, 2007 09:52 PM

Super Premium Vodkas

Looking for opinions on these Vodkas. Thanks

1.) Jewel of Russia Classic

2.) Stoli Elit

3.) Jean Marc XO

4.) Youri Dolgoruki (least expensive)

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  1. Jean Marc is very good. It has an interesting spicy and grain finish. It is made from four different types of French wheat. I haven't tried the others. Another one I recently tried that had butter and toffee tones is Imperial Exclusive. here's my review.

    1. Stoli Elit is about as clean and smooth as you can get. It's really nice as an aperitif before eating a variety of complex foods, such as in a tasting menu.

      1. I know this is not on your list but I like Tito's Vodka as my *top shelf*