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Aug 9, 2007 08:32 PM


Hey there, I have a couple of $10 coupons that I can use in Milestones.
I will be going to the John St. location in Toronto this Friday afternoon with the Mrs.
I know it is a "chain", however I will post a review Friday evening.
Do any of you have a favourite item that you can suggest?


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  1. I can only recommend the bellini

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    1. re: robgm

      It's been a while, but I would avoid any special drinks not on the regular menu.. they might sound good, but I find their bartending staff pretty poorly trained (ironic given they seem to specialize in these things!). But the bellinis are their standard and they are good for a sweet, frozen drink, not artificial tasting.

    2. if your eating, I do recall the 'trio of salsas' with tortilla chips to be pretty good as a little appetiser

      1. I haven't eaten there, but the one closer to the Queensway. The pizza was very nice; light, thin and fresh tasting and I really likes the salad. One person had the chipotle quesadilla and thought it was good too. Can't remember what everyone else ordered.