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Aug 9, 2007 08:17 PM

Best Brunch -- Yonge & Eglinton Edition

Hi all --

I'm newly back to Toronto and want to do brunch in my 'hood (Yonge & Eglinton). Any suggestions? A lot of places along the strip are packed on sunday... but are they any good is the question!

Any type of food is an option and bonus points (though not a requirement) if a free drink is included with the meal.

For the purpose of this poll let's say the boundaries are Yonge near Sporting Life to the North, South to just below Eglinton, East to Mount Pleasant and West to Avenue Rd.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd have to give a vote for Meggie's on Eglinton, a couple of blocks west of Yonge. Can get very busy on a late Sunday morning, however, and the service often can't keep up.

    If you do have the time, it's worth it IMHO. A great selection of standard breakfast/brunch items and lots of veggie-friendly choices - and fair prices for what you get.

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    1. re: bawm

      thanks, i always pass that place and wonder what the story is. prices look good and the menu covers all bases. thanks!

      1. re: bawm

        Meggie's.....for sure! Garlic fries...yum!

        1. re: bawm

          Their site says ''No longer in business'' ...

          1. My vote is for Homeway. Excellent food and friendly service the two times I was there. Highly recommend salmon or classic eggs benedict. Meggie's didn't exactly live up to the hype for me - average food, inattentive service, charged me for something I ordered but never received.

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            1. re: Ben Reiner

              Homeway has been on my list AND it's right by my apartment which is another good reason to check it out. I've walked up and it seems to have a nice, relaxed vibe. Thanks for reminding me :)

              1. re: wontonfm

                Definitely Homeway. I've been several times--never disappointed.

                1. re: Yongeman

                  I ended up at Homeway and it wasn't the best experience! Our waiter was clueless and messed up 3 things in our order (it was only myself and a friend).

                  I had the hangover breakfast and was really disappointed with the pancakes (they tasted like paste... or like they came out of a box), the bacon was under cooked and the toast wasn't toasted. And I'm pretty easy to please!

                  My friend order the salmon benedict and was given the regular benedict. When she brought it up with the waiter he looked at her like she was crazy and didn't understand why she didn't want the regular one. His offer was to bring her a side of salmon so that she could take off the bacon and replace it with salmon! Also, we didn't like the baked beans.

                  BUT the place had a great vibe and I would probably give it one more shot. I like that they let you linger and don't hover etc. So one more shot since it comes so highly recommended :)

                  1. re: wontonfm

                    Ouch. That's really too bad. Hopefully if you do go back (and based on your experience I don't know that I would) it will be of the standard my wife and I had. Otherwise, while I haven't been for lunch as the other poster has, I've enjoyed the dinner at Mimosa. Of all places listed in this thread, it's the most refined.

            2. Last time we went to C-Food it was pretty decent. For $15 you get a choice of 3 menu items (several sweet/savory/side options) plus juice and coffee. I was skeptical but it was actually quite tasty. Good yogurt parfait, fries, omelette, banana bread french toast... We thought the portions would be small, but we were all quite full and barely managed to finish our plates (I was pregnant at the time and had an insatiable appetite...)!

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                good to know! i've noticed that sign and just figured they gave you tiny portions... glad to hear it's a good deal!

              2. I like Mimosa on Yonge (across from Higher Ground). Interesting egg dishes, and a good selection of juices and wines make it an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday am!

                1. hi guys, long time reader, first time poster!
                  meggie's is usually my go-to place for breakfast, but a visit last weekend found that the store was closed! a man who walked out of the restaurant said that the place had been sold, so i don't know what exactly will come of it.

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                  1. re: tweenietoes

                    word is that they are opening a location of Boom Breakfast Co. there in the spring.