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Jan 21, 2006 06:46 PM

Citizen Cake's Caramel Fleur de sel gelato

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Is very nice. I wasn't even interested in that flavor and the guy at the counter insisted I try it. Yowza.

People never mention Citizen Cake when mentioning gelato, but I've always liked them. Don't know how long the caramel fleur de sel will be there as flavors change frequently, but I highly recommend it if you like caramels with fleur de sel. It adds another dimension of icy to the sweet/salty/creamy taste ... and it won't remove fillings.

They have a lovely honey tangerine and a pretty blood orange ice. I like their sorbets or whatever they are called because they have the soft consistancy of an east coast lemon ice. The honey tangerine was a little sweet, but had a true honey tangerine taste. The blood orange was true to the flavor as well as the color. They also had bergamot ice, but to me it didn't have much flavor.

The servings were really generous as well, something that really surprised me. I was really after sorbet so I settled on two scoops - honey tangerine & blood orange (I am having caramel fleur de sel regret as I write this). Anyway it almost filled a little pint-sized carton.

Finally tried one of the cupcakes - vanilla. It had pretty little white choolate shavings that looked like straws in the vamila icing. I really liked the cake, the frosting was a little more whipped and lite than I like it. Nice enough to give the other types (lemon, carrot, chocolate) a try on future visits.

To my taste they come in fourth behind La Farine, Fat Apple and Delassio. That vanilla cake part is exactly the taste I'm looking for in a birtday cake.

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  1. Since you tossed in honey tangerine and blood orange, I'll raise you Meyer lemon sorbetto. I had a cup this afternoon at Bovolo in Healdsburg and it is wicked awesome. It's soft and near melty, and extremely intensely flavored. This week I've been more sensitive to bitter than normal, so maybe others won't notice a bit of bitter bite in the finish. You can smell the floral tones, unusual in a frozen dessert, and the taste is very full with just enough sugar. Can't recommend it highly enough!

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      On the same subject, Cafe Fanny has Meyer Lemon Ice Cream (can't remember if it was gelato or ice cream) which is wonderful. They have a small, glass-front freezer in back of the cash register with several flavors. It's pricy and comes in small plastic containers (single serving).

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        I don't like Cafe Fanny's ice cream.


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          "I don't like Cafe Fanny's ice cream." And the reason for that is???

          I've only had the meyer lemon and it was very good.

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            Read the link Melanie provided. I detest it myself as I wrote it has a grainy weird texture that tasted like freezer burn.

            If you swear ... SWEAR ... it doesn't have that odd, icky texture I'll cough up the $4.50 for that tiny dish and give it another go. The flavors are intense, but that texture ... ick, ick, ick.

            Maybe they improved their ice cream making skills?

    2. You just nailed the only 2 things I like at Citizen Cake: gelato and cupcakes. I think she does a mean gelato, I've tried so many I can't give you a specific one.

      The cupcakes I like because they are close by (in proximity) when I have the occassional childhood craving. Soft, gooey, chocolatey, yum. Her gelees are good too but I think $$.

      Other than that, I find this place way overated and a little expensive for what you get. A friend ordered her wedding cake and nearly wept at what she received. And the 2 times I sat down for lunch were just ok w/ a little ire at the price. I am a big price/quality person. I have no problem throwing down $200pp++ for a great meal but I will get pissy if my $10.50 cheese sandwich is merely ok.

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        Well said!

        I had dinner at Citizen Cake once and was also struck by how expensive it was, compared to places that were otherwise comparable. The poor service decreases the value even more: although our server knew we had a curtain to catch (a common situation for restaurants in that neighborhood), the service was so sluggish we didn't have a chance to try dessert. An hour and a half for two courses is ridiculous!