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Aug 9, 2007 07:14 PM

Birthday dinner in/near the West Village?

We are a group of 5 or 6 late twenty-somethings looking for a nice place to have dinner before heading for drinks at Little Branch. Would prefer something ethnic with good atmosphere, mellow enough to not have to shout at each other and not too expensive (under $40/person...we're poor grad students!). Thanks so much!

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  1. Check out Casa on Bedford St. I believe it's Brazilian food. Not super expensive, Great atmosphere and terrific food!

    1. Hmm, at risk of sounding like I work for them because I recommend them so often, look into Flor's Kitchen (Venezuelan arepas, about $4-5 each; two will fill you up); Galanga (Thai on W.4th); La Palapa Rockola; Ony (soba and udon, could be a tighter fit); Mercadito Grove (Mexican)... and possibly Snack Taverna would be in your price range, too. All should fit your requirements.

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        Ony closed - it is now Soto, a much more upscale Japanese place.

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          Thanks for the update. I need to get down there more often.

      2. Hurapan on 7th ave (I think between morton and leroy) is very nice thai food. You can get out for $40 pp for entrees and app, but drinks might take you over, especially if you order the real entrees rather than noodle dishes. but the noodle dishes are great, too! Their food is very creative... thai with a new american twist. the warm goat cheese wonton salad is amazing. and it's right across the ave from LB.

        Flor's Kitchen is a fun party spot, too. Food is cheap, sangria is pricier that you'd expect, but it's all delicious. service is a tad slow.

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          i would say that Flor's is a very nice place because of its Great Location but the food is way better at Caracas (7 between 1&A). as for th eone who recommended Do Hwa it is very good indeed, but definitely pricier.

        2. I would say El Faro, I have before on this board, its a great authentic Spanish place on Horatio and Greenwich. Paella to die for.

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            A little known spot that meets your criteria is Primitivo.

          2. Fatty Crab
            Snack Taverna
            Do Hwa