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Downtown Baltimore Monday, August 21st

Hi y'all,

I'll be at an event at the Convention Center in Baltimore and I'm looking for a restaurant for Monday night. It'll be me and another female co-worker. She's in from Boston and I live in Norfolk. Nothing too fancy, we'll be in business casual. Something that's fun and indicative of the city. We both like a few drinks, so a good bar is a must. I'd say $100 to $125 before tax and tip for the both of us. I don't know too much about her preferences, but I think she's pretty mainstream with an appreciation for great food.

Something that's walkable or a quick cab ride is fine too.

Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. I would recommend Pazo restaurant, about a mile east of the Inner Harbor (take a cab). Very large well-decorated space inside, fun bar (including a lounge filled with comfortable chairs and couches), interesting small plates and larger entrees. Sort of pan-Mediterranean cuisine. Check their website:


    1. To be clear, is it Monday the 20th or Tuesday the 21st? It's an important question, because a lot of places are closed on Monday.

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        Oops! Monday the 21st...thanks for catching that. That's what I get when I go from memory!

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          you did it again. its either monday the 20th or tuesday the 21st.

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            So, you noticed I'm blonde? Monday, the 20th!!

      2. I'd also recommend Pazo, but for another fun place in your price point that is unique to Baltimore with a good bar scene and excellent food, you should take a quick cab ride up Charles Street to the Brewer's Art - definitely open on Mondays. Have some drinks in the front area before dinner. It never disappoints me....


        1. I live in Baltimore and I highly recommend The Wine Market, it has awesome interesting food and it's a great crowd. If you like wine, it has a great selection. Check it out on line. Call a head it gets busy.

          1. Check out Hull Street Blues..real neighborhood atmosphere with good food
            On Hull Street of Fort Ave ..maybe a 10 minute cab ride

            1. I think the key to your description is "something that's . . . indicative of the city." Whenever friends come in from town, including my friends from Boston, we always go to Brewer's Art and they just absolutely love it! It has the charm and eclectic nature of Baltimore, as well as some good home brews and great food. Eat in the bar, either upstairs or downstairs, and you can also order off the dining menu. It's very casual, but in a more mature and upscale way.

              1. South of Harbor Pazza Luna in Locust Point or Bicycle. Little Italy is a Baltimore tradition although many restaurants are overrated. La Scala is decent. I personally think Sabatinos and Chiaparellis are overrated tourist traps. Mezze in Fells Point is fun - inexpensive tapas and you can walk around the Fells Point area to see "Baltimore:

                1. Another vote for Brewer's Art. (Pazo does not fulfill the "indicative of the city" criterion), and neither, really, do Bicycle (which is now closed on Mondays), Pazza Luna, nor the Wine Market (the last esp. which could be anywhere -- all good places, though.
                  At Brewer's Art, downstairs is fun but smoky, ustairs a bit fancier. If you end up downstairs, tell Karma the bartender that Chowhound sent you -- I might be lurking there; if so, your first rounds on me.
                  And the food is very good (esp. the steak frites) and absolutely within your price range

                  1. For a little more "exotic" meal try the Helmand at 806 North Charles for the best Afghan food imaginable. You might consider Tio Pepe for more mainstream tastes at 10 E Franklin. Or make reservations and enjoy the Brass Elephant (good bar, too, in the Tusk Lounge).

                    Brass Elephant
                    924 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

                    Tio Pepe Restaurante
                    10 E Franklin St, Baltimore, MD 21202

                    806 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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                      Thanks for all of the suggestions. I do a little research and decide. I'll be sure to report back. Thanks again.

                    2. Brewers Art wins my vote. good menu, option of lite fare menu and also dinner menu and great bars.