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Aug 9, 2007 06:49 PM

Need Place to Take Beer Lover for Birthday

I am looking to take one of my very close friends who is a beer lover out for their birthday. Somewhere in the Dallas/Plano area is preferred. Somewhere with some food would be good. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bavarian Grill would be my top suggestion, it's in Plano off 75 and Parker. Great German beers and they definitely have excellent food as well. If you're looking for an Irish pub experience instead, Trinity Hall over at Mockingbird Station is also a good idea.

    And normally, I would've immediately suggested Gingerman or Flying Saucer, but you sacrifice good food for the huge beer selection offered at these places. Trinity Hall and Bavarian Grill both have that balance however, so it just depends on the atmosphere you want.

    1. The Bavarian Grill is lots of fun.

      If you want something more in the Lower Greenville/Knox Henderson area, I highly recommend The Old Monk. It concentrates on Belgian beers, but they have a huge list of bottles as well. It's a long time favorite. The Libertine and The Meridian Room are also very good (and associated with the same owners).

      Alot of people also like the Tipperary Inn - which is an Irish bar with food. I don't particularly care for the place or the food - not because it's bad, just prefer Old Monk, but they imported basically the entire inside of an Irish pub and put it into the place.

      1. Henk's Deli/Black Forest Bakery....located at Northwest Highway and Greenville Ave, more or less......

        1. I highly recommend Bavarian Grill in Plano as well. It can be a bit tricky to find, but well worth it. They have an extensive wine list, too. A great place for a birthday!

          1. My to recs would be Bavarian Grill and the Old Monk. It just really depends on the atmoshere you are looking for. BG bright open and caters to suburban families. Typical German food done well with an excellent Beer Menu as noted. The Old Monk is a real pub with the proper feel. It's dark, can be smokey, the food is really good (Mussels and Frites, cheese board, Rueben) and the beer selection is vast. I like it b/c it draws a crowed that is extremely varied. Best bar/pub in Dallas IMO for that very reason.