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Aug 9, 2007 06:28 PM

Where to Buy Wine Close to BWI

Hi Everyone,

My brother-in-law will be in Baltimore for about a half a day before flying back to Europe. He's staying at BWI and needs to find a good wine shop close to there. An hour or so away will be fine. Looking for really good selection and price too, of course. Can anyone out there help??


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  1. Not quite by BWI but since you said you're willing to drive up to an hour, Corridor Wine in Laurel is 15-20 mins and theyre great.

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      Here's a big fat 2nd to Corridor Wine & spirits. I moved out of that area about a year ago and miss it TERRIBLY.

      It's on Route 198 in Laurel, just off 32 and 295. A hop, skip and a jump from BWI.

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        I will also pipe in here about Corridor. They have a great selection. Most of their prices are pretty good, as well.

      2. Latela's on Rt. 175 has a large selection and good prices.

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          Thank you all for your suggestions!

        2. Here's a big non-vote for Corridor. Corridor, just FYI, equals Total Wine. Not that it is a bad place. They certainly do have a lot of wine, some of it well-priced even. But most of it is not well-priced. And most of the best/better stuff is arguably the worst priced.But it is very convenient to BWI and there is clearly plenty of wine to buy there. I still go there for most of my lower priced daily drinker variety of wines. All of my other wine purchases are at shops in DC/VA mainly and from mailing lists for small CA producers.

          So I guess it depends on what your brother in law is looking to buy wine-wise.

          30 minutes away or less in the Columbia Ellicott City are you have a few good (but not great) shops like Jason's on Rt. 40 in EC, Ironbridge on Rt 108 in Columbia and even Decanter in Columbia off of Cedar Lane in one of the village centers.

          A further drive south, but probably outside of the one-hour drive/bus/metro range, but worth noting, would be Circle Liquor's, Paul's Chevy Chase Liquors (both on Connecticut Avenue in NW DC just over the DC-MD line. Deeper still would be Calvert Woodley, also on Connecticut Avenue. There are even more places in DC that are great, but are just too far based on your range.

          Baltimore I am sure has a few worthy places as well, but I can't really assist there (unless you're bro-in-law is in to Italian wine, has a car to head up to NE Baltimore/Parkville and go to Mastellone's deli where they have a pure Italian selection of generally lower end wines, but some great gems of aged Brunello, Barolo and other great Italian wines properly aged and at good prices.