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Havana, Highlands, NJ for Drinks and Apps ONLY

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The ambiance was terrific - water accents and Cuban music - and the drink (sangria) spot on. The service was poor - after 40 minutes we had to ask to have our order taken and, after a witnessing an intense staff conversation about said request, were treated to what can only be explained as service by someone who has not worked in food prior to this gig. Must say, our neighboring tables had superb service by trained waiters. The salad dressing was good but the salad itself consisted of mealy tomatoes and bitter white iceburg with brown edges. An hour and a half after sitting down, our entrees arrived. My shrimp dish was below average, the empanada starters were tasty according to my husband but his pork was dry. Well, truthfully, I thought he might have been bias from the service so I looked into it - seriously, these were harder than hockey pucks. He sent it back (we NEVER do that but were sure it was a mistake and wanted to give them the opportunity to address). They were defensive, said "Cuban pork is supposed to be dry," did not oblige a credit, and turned fairly aggressive. We paid without an argument and left disheartened. Too bad - looked promising. We suggest catering in Cuban pork from La Isla in Hoboken before next service!

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  1. Disappointing. Thanks for the feedback.

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      My wife and I ate there yesterday. The food tasted great, but the portions were less than small. Rice and beans are not expensive to make!!!! I'm not in a hurry to go back, but I really did like the food. When I need my rice and bean fix, I'll go to Karini 2 in Perth Amboy. It's not Cuban, it's Puerto Rican, which I enjoy more anyway.

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          It's on New Brunswick Ave., about a 1/2 mile east of the hospital. Very casual, very good!