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Aug 9, 2007 05:45 PM

Scoogi's Classic Italian

I eat at Scoogi's Flourtown all the time. I heard they opened in Avalon NJ. Anyone been there how is it? Is the same set up?

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  1. Been there a couple of times this summer. Food was good. The service was so-so. It gets very busy on the weekends. They have outside seating which is really nice.

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      Went to the Avalon location on Thursday night. We went very early (aroun 5:30) b/c we had the kids with us and I knew it would get crowded. The food was good. I would agree about the service... our waitress was very friendly, but I waited and waited for the check. Finally caught a busboy who said he thought she was in the back, but he'd let her know. I'd say I waited about 15-20 minutes until she finally showed up. When we left it was getting very busy.