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Aug 9, 2007 05:43 PM

Remember my Pastis-reservation Rant? Theres more...


i tried to make a res at pastis exactley one month in advance and they said they had nothing.

( 7 women from the berkshires coming to the city for one night )

so, after making myself nuts looking at all your restaurants you have to offer, i made a res at fiamma. i loved the looks of it on the www and the menu looked tasty and its pretty close to where we are staying. i also figured italian would be "safe" for not sure the tastes of everyone.

ANYWAY, i find out today that our "in" person from the city got us a reservation! 2 weeks after i tried to!!????? we goto pastis or say *$#@ them ?

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  1. Maybe there was a cancellation or they used their Amex. Pastis is not on (which makes things easier). If you have your heart set on pastis, forget the reservation issue/let it go, go and have fun! I have only been to pastis once..

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      I had no problem making a reservation there for 3 people 1 week from Sunday. Keep the reservation, I am sure it was nothing personal. Try it, go with an opened mind and enjoy.