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Aug 9, 2007 05:06 PM

Mexican in Walnut Creek?

My fiance and I just moved to Walnut Creek and have been unable to find any delicious or even decent Mexican food. Sure, we're spoiled from having lived in Santa Barbara, but this is California for Pete's sake, someone has to be able to make a passable burrito within walking distance of my home. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've seen some good-looking places on Monument Blvd.

    1. Honestly, I think Chipotle is the best I can think of in Walnut Creek. Taqueria El Balazo recently opened a branch in nearby Lafayette. They make a killing in other suburban areas that lack good mexican food (San ramon and Pleasanton come to mind). Cantina in downtown Walnut Creek is a decent Happy Hour place, but the food is on par with Chevy's.

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        Have you tried any of the places on Monument Blvd. in the blocks south of Meadow? Some of them look like the real deal.

        I guess that's Concord but it's close to WC.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          You can definetly find some legit taquerias in Concord, I guess it's as close to WC as Lafayette.

          Los Gallos is very good. I've tried a couple of others, can't remember the names.

          Taqueria Los Gallos Express
          2118 Willow Pass Rd, Concord, CA 94520

          Taqueria Los Dos Gallos
          1950 Grant St, Concord, CA 94520

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            Los Dos Gallos is the place to go! The best I've had in the area and I've tried quite a few. There are TONS opf places on Monument and I'd say I've only tried a quarter of them.

            To the OP, if you want real Mexican you need to get out of WC and over to Concord. Just looks for the places with all the Corona plastic chairs and you'll know you're there.

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          Balazo also opened a location on the WC/Concord border in the shopping center at Treat and Oak Grove (next to PFE and TJ's)

          El Balazo Taqueria
          785 Oak Grove Rd, Concord, CA 94518

        3. La Taqueria on Locust Street is a good choice for fresh, tasty and reasonably authentic Mexican in Walnut Creek. Nothing fancy - burritos, tacos, etc. but very good. The lengua tacos are my personal favorite.

          1. Two places in Concord: Guadalajara 5400 Ygnacio Valley Rd #3B, 925-672-4430

            La Pinata 2301 Willow Pass Rd, 925-609-9119

            Friends rave about Guadalajara, I haven't been there in years.

            La Pinata is a local/ Bay area chain. Food and service are execellent. Sunday brunch is really good.

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            1. re: Janet

              Also, Las Montanas on Willow Pass Rd, is good as well.

              1. re: theSauce

                I second Las Montanas (and while you're at the Park 'N' Shop mall, Korea House and the Mediterranean are very good Contra Costa ethnic cuisine outposts too). For Mexican food, I also like a place called Papa Chuy's in a strip mall on Contra Costa Blvd. almost to Pacheco. It's friendly, inexpensive and "down home."

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                There's a tortilla factory in Concord, called something like El Molino, if I recall. They have a small menu of items, I remember it being really good - carnitas tacos on freshly made corn tortillas . . .

                1. re: Janet

                  Guadalajara is watered down Mexican... akin to Chevy's.

                  1. re: SLRossi

                    My fiance and I stumbled upon the El Faro in Concord. Who knew (well not me anyway)? It was not the El Faro of my youth--when my grandparents used to drive down to the Mission for the Acapulco seafood burrito on Friday afternoons--but it was serviceable with good hot sauce and low, low prices. Anyone try that Acapulco burrito lately?

                2. My favorites near WC are

                  Mercado Del Valle
                  1651 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520
                  (925) 687-7032

                  This place is a market with a great carniceria and taqueria inside. They cook the al pastor on a vertical spit, and IMHO, it's the best al pastor in Contra Costa, and rivals Fruitvale and the Mission. Good agua fresca too, plus you can pick up Mexican ingredients if you need them.

                  My other favorite is El Jarro in Lafayette, see thread here:
                  Really good, fresh food, including some great seafood dishes, and they have Oaxacan-style tortas. Oaxaca is supposedly the birthplace of the torta. They are a bit different than what I think of as the typical torta.

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                    I hit Del Valle this weekend. They were out of the pastor thought the spit was full and working hard on the next batch. Instead we tried the carnitas. They were good, not great. However on the torta they were pretty good. If we were charged for everything we ordered it is an exceptional value. Two big tortas, two tacos, a side of rice and beans for $10. I'll make it back to try the al pastor for sure.