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Aug 9, 2007 04:55 PM

Ben and Jerry's Ice cream

Does anyone know where I can get hard to find flavours of Ben and Jerry's ice cream without going to the actual ice cream shoppe. I am looking for flavours like Creme Brulee and Peach Cobber.

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  1. They sell them at supermarkets - I have seen them at Dominion's. But not creme brulee and peach though.

    Creme brulee sounds good.

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    1. Have you seen these flavours in Canada yourself? I always assumed we were working from a limited subset... same with H-D... it is tragic, really!

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      1. re: julesrules

        At the Ben and Jerry's in Vaughan Mills the creme brulee flavour is offered in cups and cones but not in pints. We are robbed of a lot of good flavours because if you go to the States they have it all.

        1. re: callitasicit

          So they won't even pack a pint for you at the shops? That's lame.

      2. Seems like the ready-to-go tubs sold in stores come in very limited flavours (the best-sellers, I guess?).

        I think the most exotic I've seen lately is the Monty Python-inspired flavour (with little chocolate cows).. but it's usually just variations on chocolate or vanilla, with a little Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia for variety.

        1. Does anyone know what is happening with the ben & jerry's at yonge and eglinton? There was a sign in the window of the old tim hortons on eglinton but nothing seems to be going on.

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          1. re: ddelicious

            The Canadian tub flavours have always been limited.

            I'm not sure why callitastic says you can't get Creme Brulee in pints. As far as I know you can get ANY of the flavours the stores have in pints. They even let you do 1/2 and 1/2 if you can't pick just one...

            In short: You have to go to a store to get the "rarer" flavours. The good news is that they charge $5.99 which may well be cheaper than your local grocery store charges anyway.

            1. re: fleisch

              Hi ... saw the thread and had to reply.
              OK so unfortunately you can't buy any of the truely unique flavours in pre-packed tubs in grocery stores (just Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Half Baked and a few others) but I think it is totally worth the trip to a Ben & Jerry's store to pick up a custom hand-packed to go pint! Like Fleisch said, you can get more than one flavour in the pint (I got three).
              It was cheaper to get one hand packed pint than two single servings so the SO and I decided to go hard and go home (with ice cream!)
              I do suggest that everyone try the new Cinnamon Roll Swirl (that is not its proper name but its the only one like it) Cinnamon flavoured ice cream with bits of cinnamon bun - it is so amazing!!!

              1. re: dontyuckmyyums

                once upon a time there was oatmeal raisin cookie dough with cinnamon ice cream base in montreal., has anyone seen it here?

                1. re: dontyuckmyyums

                  My dilemma is that none of the Ben and Jerry's ice cream shoppes are close to my home. It is good to know that they do pints, I guess I will take the chance and buy one and run my air conditioner in my car to high!

                  1. re: callitasicit

                    I tried a 'apple crumble' flavor in the US that was deliciously yummy.

            2. The peach cobbler is great, but since it's kind of new, it's slowly trickling into stores, and has barely hit the U.S. Willie Nelson--who knew?

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              1. re: french roast

                I am still hoping that flavour comes to Canada. It sounds sooooo good!!!

                1. re: callitasicit

                  What you need to do callitasicit is make a ton of room in your freezer, then take your cooler down with some ice packs, to the local B & J's and stock up!!
                  Mind you if I did that I'd gain 50lbs in a week or so! :)