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Aug 9, 2007 04:54 PM

crabcakes from chesapeake crab co. at ballard seafood fest

i had the most disappointing experience at their stand at the ballard seafood fest a few weekends ago. i asked the nice lady what kind of crab was in the crabcakes, thinking maybe it was dungeness since we are in the pacific northwest. and she told me quite confidently that it was blue crab (which would only make sense since their establishment is called chesapeake crab company) well i'm from baltimore originally so was quite happy to hear this and i bought a plate. well, surprise, surprise: it was neither blue nor dungeness (or even the southeast asian blue analog many mass market purveyors now use) in fact it wasn't crab at all, it was....(wait for it) krab. that's right surimi. i couldn't believe it. i'm not sure who these people are. they don't seem to have a restaurant ,have no web presence that i can find, and only seem to show up at the festivals. but i was a bit shocked at the brazeness (not to sound like a prig) does anyone know anything further about this operation?

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  1. I don't have any information about these people, but one of my co-workers reported the same thing. She was shocked and disappointed taht they were serving imitation crab meat in their crab cakes. What a sham!

    1. C'mon, guys, it was a booth at a festival. It is really that surprising it would be terrible? Especially with the word "company" in its name, lol-that's a real sign you should run the other way.

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        It's not a big surprise that the food wasn't good, but it certainly is one that it was represented as something it wasn't. That's not just sleazy, it's illegal.

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          yeah the misrepresentation or rather the bald faced lie was what bugged me. particularly as i had high hopes of getting a real maryland crab cake even if made to festival standards. (and there are plenty of bad crab cakes made in maryland.) but in the lady's defense i only heard what she said and interpreted it as "blue crab". perhaps she said "bloo krab"
          i suppose this brings us into the whole dungeness vs. blue discussion. i've lived in the pac nw for 22 years and wouldn't return to md if you paid me but i do miss blue crabs and, while i think dungeness is fine, it doesn't have the same character to me. good in a crab cocktail but not enough depth of flavor to hold up most preparations. but boy it is easier to pick out of the shell and your yield is soooo much better.

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            When you get those cravings for home-spun crab cakes, I'm pretty sure that Oceanaire offers both a dungeness crab cake and one made with Maryland crab.

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            That's true; why not fire off a letter to the festival organizers asking them to not allow the booth at subsequent festivals?

        2. Meanwhile, down the street the Hi-Life was serving terrific crab cake missed out. Definetly real crab in there.

          1. What a shame that you had such a bad experience, which would have annoyed me too. I went for the first time this year and was really impressed by the variety of food available. My husband and I went to the Cajun place - I had blackened salmon with a caesar salad and he had the blackened salmon burger, which had some kind of delicious sauce on it (maybe chipotle mayo; can't remember). Very tasty. I hope you aren't too turned off by your experience to go next year!

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              I live in Ballard and wonder why they would have Maryland seafood represented at all ... although I am from Maryland and was raised on Chesapeake Bay crabs, oysters and blue fish, I prefer Dungeness crab to blue crab.