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Aug 9, 2007 04:08 PM

Food Processor with dual bowls

Anyone out there own a food processor with two bowls ? The normal bowl (seven to ten cups capacity) , plus a smaller bowl (two to three cups capacity) for small do you like it ? Can you recommend it ? THANKS .

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  1. I have a kitchenaid with two bowls. I definately think it is useful since cleanup is minimized with small jobs (don't be like me, however, and try to cram big jobs using the small bowl, I just makes more work).

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    1. I have the kitchenaid with three bowls and recommend it. I use the biggest bowl much more often than the smaller ones, but there are times when only the smaller bowls will do and you will be glad you have them.

      1. Mine arrived 2 days ago (12-cup bowl -- 12-cup tub, I should say -- and 4-cup bowl). Haven't even used it yet. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship...