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Aug 9, 2007 03:52 PM

Vote for Best of Sacramento 2007 - SN&R

Voting is now open online for the Best of Sacramento choices from the Sacramento News & Review. Here is a chance for the Board to voice its opinion in print and hopefully chase away some of the proverbial lemmings who vote for what is popular instead of what is really the best. The food & drink listings are fairly extensive, including many that have shown up here. There are also many other fun categories to vote, but it would be nice to see some good places in the list. Maybe Waterboy can knock out Biba?

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  1. Well I voted for Biba. Best restaurant, best service, best ambiance.
    By far the best meal I had this year was at Biba.

    I voted for Roma II for best pizza.
    Firehouse fo outdoor dining.
    Rubicon for budget dining.
    Weiner Works for best fries.
    Squeeze Inn for best burger.
    Brew It up for best happy hour and best brew pub.
    Granitos for best italian (i know but can't be everything Biba)
    lakesdie Liquor for best wins shop.

    Heather for best bartender (hacienda del Rio, Folsom)

    The Mandarin for best Chinese
    Gold Miner for best breakfast (Based on last year)
    carmelitas for local mexican