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Aug 9, 2007 02:53 PM

Yuzando on Sawtelle

So as I've mentioned previously on these boards, when my hellish job gets the best of me I escape...and treat myself to great sushi at a sushi bar for lunch. I find it very relaxing. This week I wanted to break out of the Kiriko-Echigo-Hide route and try something I tried Yuzando, just up the street where Tenn used to be. And I think I'll definitely be going back...

Not only did I find it better than Tenn (toro not included...of course I didn't have it at Yuzando) but lunch was a fantastic deal- for quality and quantity, definitely better than Echigo's famed lunch special. For $15.50 I got the "sushi lunch deluxe," which included: small soup and salad, 2 tuna, 2 salmon, 1 whitefish/ halibut, 1 albacore, 1 yellowtail, 1 ikura, 1 eel (I requested anago/ sea eel), 1 hamachi (usually served with shrimp, which I don't care for in sushi), as well as a spicy salmon roll (again, substituted for spicy tuna- I always test the salmon rolls). Everything, especially the basics, was terrific- medium cut, good consistency, strong taste. Total including an iced tea and tip? $20 EVEN. My idea of a perfect lunch...and then I had to come back to work.

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  1. I would have to agree with Quesera. I had lunch there yesterday and was impressed by the quality for the price. I had the sushi n sashimi combo. This came with 2 pcs each of tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and albacore sashimi as well as 1pc each of tuna, yellowtail, whitefish and shrimp nigiri. To top it off, it also came with an eel avocado roll. I was actually full with this lunch special, unlike the lunch specials at Echigo or Sushi Gen. They also have unlimted refills for their ice green tea. I think I must have had 3-4 large glasses. For dessert, I had the chocolate warabi with a green tea latte. You can choose to have the green tea hot or cold. I got the hot on suggestion from the waitress. It was very delicious.

    They also have a $12.50 sushi special for those on a tight budge and still want good quality sushi. This comes with 2 pcs of tuna and 1 pc each of yellowtail, salmon, albacore, shrimp, eel and white fish sushi as well as a California roll.

    I think Yuzando will become my go to place for lunchtime sushi. You can beat the quality for the price! FYI, the are owned by the same people as Chabuya next door.

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      Probably not anywhere near the quality of the Sawtelle District eateries, but one of my favorite Japanese lunch places is Ma Ya (Santa Monica Bl. at Princeton or Harvard, just west of Centinela). Their "special" -- tori don chicken, veggie/shrimp tempura, rice, cucumbers-n-vinegar salad (can't spell it to save my life -- sununomo?), California rolls, and green tea ice cream -- is just stupidly good. I love the tori don sauce and always order "heavy sauce".

      Last time I was there the special was $6.50 or so. They also had a "C" rating, but, intrepid fool that I am, I dug in anyway, with no apparent ill effects. Decent sushi selection as well but I'm not 100% sure I'd trust their freshness.

      (running for the bathroom)

    2. Yuzando is my new "it" sushi place of the moment.... I've gone back 4 times since I first tried (and reviewed) it in mid-June - consistently great sushi & sashimi.... Way better than its predecessor, Tenn. Their seaweed salad is phenomenal.

      Quesera, Too bad you didn't have their chu-toro - it is hands-down their best cut! It is better than Urasawa's - (gads!) - yes, better than Urasawa's chu-toro.

      1. Do you know their business hours? Is there large table for 8 or more people? Any cooked item or soup on the menu?

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          Last call for food is usually 10PM or 10:30PM (even later on Fri. & Sat. nights?), but guests who are already inside linger far longer.

          They have lots of cooked specials, for example wagyu beef, special soups (I had a really tasty fish broth the other night on their daily special menu)... Hope this helps.

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            Thanks. Do they open 7 days?

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              No (thank goodness). Most self-respecting (and customer-respecting) sushi joints close at least 1 or 2 days a week.

              Why? Because the West Coast fish market is closed 1 day a week, and sushi places pride themselves on fresh fish, not over-refrigerated fish. Avoid dining out on sushi on Sundays & Mondays. Just my 2 cents.

        2. anyone know if their fish is wild or farmed? (I don't like to eat farmed)