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Aug 9, 2007 02:41 PM

Take out for a family in need - MSP

A friend of ours is battling breast cancer so the neighborhood is taking turns bringing the family dinner. Each night has a theme and we have take out. Looking for something a little out of the ordinary that the kids will like (ages 16, 12, 10, & 4). We live in St Paul but can travel for food.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. That stinks. Best of luck in your support efforts. Here are some thoughts:

    You can get takeout from Shish on Grand Avenue. The food there is quite good and there is lots of variety. You can get salads and hummus for veggie eaters, lamb burgers or chicken schwarma for meat eaters, good soup and excellent dessert. I had the Mousaka on Monday and it was really yummy. Great coffee too.

    The hot and cold takeout food at Whole Foods on Grand is really pretty good. There is a huge selection and they use good ingredients. You could put together a pretty respectable dinner with lots of variety that way.

    If you can live with more junky food, I love the hot dogs, fries and Italian beef at Joey D's in Minneapolis (near 42d and Hiawatha). We are from Chicago and love dogs and cheese beef. This place is not quite as good as the spots in Chicago, but it's close. You could get a mess of Chicago dogs, fries, cheese beefs and root beer.

    Hope your friend heals soon.

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      It's not in St. Paul but we often do take out from Holy Land - either the Central Ave or MGMkt location. They put together a beautiful vegetarian platter, or you can get a rotisserie chicken meal which easily feeds 3-4 for only $9. I think the combinations of chicken, rice, pita, french fries, etc. will be appealing to the kids.

      Take out from any of the Vietnamese places on University would be fun too. Get an assortment of fried and fresh spring rolls, noddle salads with chicken or pork, and sandwiches and everyone will find something they like.

      1. re: Michael Florey

        Update: Joey D's is now Chris & Rob's. Same food, different owners.

      2. I will always second Shish - excellent food & great variety for kids of all ages.

        Yarusso's has some great options for families as well. Red Sauce & pasta (huge portions), pizza, and even mini corn dogs.

        I did take out from Carmelo's years ago and it was pretty good as well - pretty big sizes as well & great bread.

        Good luck. Sorry about your friend.

        Shish Mediterranean Grill
        1668 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105

        Carmelo's Ristorante
        238 Snelling Ave S, Saint Paul, MN 55105

        Yarusso Brothers Italian
        637 Payne Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55130

        1. Cossetta's has good Italian. You can get it hot, or get it to heat at home.

          Cossetta Italian Market
          211 7th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55102

          1. It's hard to add to the wonderful suggestions you've already been given, but...

            Barbeque from Lee and Dee's on Victoria at Selby in St. Paul?

            Or, on Saturday's only, summer only, BBQ from Big Daddy's--outside the old Abundant Bistro space on University Avenue in St. Paul?

            Or, how about the the Arcade location of Los Ocampo? (sorry, I can't get the places link to work...)

            Or the philly style hoagies from Hot City Pizza on West 7th at Randolph?

            In Minneapolis, I'm afraid, but Lucia's has take out and might be nice from a comfort food perspective.

            I wish the best for your friend and her family.


            Lucia's Restaurant
            1432 W 31st St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

            Lee's & Dee's Barbeque Express
            161 Victoria St N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

            Hot City Pizza
            1017 7th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55102

            Abundant Bistro & Catering
            609 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55103

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            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              I'm going to throw out one wild recommendation, depending on how adventurous the kids are, but if you can get there early (they begin packing up around 5:30), you could pick up several of the whole, fried tilapia with rice at Nyob Zoo Deli at the food court in the Hmong Market... The whole fish can be pretty impressive and the sauce is wonderful. Or, BBQ ribs from One Stop Deli.

              You could also try picking up some bubble tea for the kids while you're at the food court. My favorite is the "rainbow" bubble tea at Thai Thai Daily. If you could get Thai Thai Daily to put their #25 spicy shrimp soup or Papaya Kitchen to put their curry noodle soups in styrofoam containers to go, that would be nice, too.


            2. This isn't really that "out of the ordinary", but Cafe Latte has lots of different choices, and a great meal that should please everybody could be put together. They also have the attached pizza place, and most importantly, you could have one of their fabulous cakes boxed up for dessert.

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              1. re: autmommy

                Place Link:

                Cafe Latte
                850 Grand Ave Ste 1, Saint Paul, MN 55105

                1. re: autmommy

                  Not out of the ordinary, yet not thought of as "fast food" like Arby's or the burger chains, Subway, Taco Bell etc. either. Thinking about the kids, neighbor work schedules, and how life intrudes in the "best of intentions", there's a new Pizza Luce in St. Paul that advertises free delivery until 2:30am everynight without any "small print" limitations that I can see. That might be an idea for your neighborhood if someone's schedule runs into a conflict - you can order online and have it delivered. The link is

                  Famous Dave's also has take out. Check out the menu at
                  There are two in the St. Paul area at:
                  Famous Dave's Barbeque
                  2131 Snelling Avenue
                  Roseville, MN 55113 Phone: 651.633.4800
                  Fax: 651.633.4888

                  Famous Dave's Barbeque
                  1930 West 7th Street
                  St. Paul, MN 55116 Phone: 651.699.8800
                  Fax: 651.699.8033

                  For great Banh Mi (or what I've always called Vietnamese subway sandwiches see, there's Saigon Restaurant and Bakery. I like all their food, and their sandwiches are great! (and cheap!! - I haven't been for awhile, but Wednesday's used to be their Banh Mi special of 6 sandwiches for the price of 5, but they sell out early in the day on Wednesdays). I no longer have a take out menu on my fridge, but take out menus are available and many people do call in orders for take out only there.

                  Even though not mentioned, you could call places talked about here to see if they prepare orders to go - places like The Nook or Groveland Tap (depending on which is closer to your destination - my neck of the woods and St. Paul is "big" in area!)

                  If you ask us about a "theme" in the area in which you live, we might be able to come up with more suggestions, especially at a reasonable cost if this is an ongoing iniative and service the neighborhood is delivering.

                  Obviously, you and your neighbors have a great "neighborhood relationship" along the lines of "the way it used to be". That's a wonderful and great thing to have and cherish nowdays in the cities. Just let us know the lines along which you are looking, and the general area and we'll all move into the neigh...oops! we'll tell you about our food experiences in that general area. :-) You guys rock! and I've included your neighbor and her family in my thoughts and prayers as well!

                  Just give us a more general area, and possibly something along the lines of foods favored by the kids/family.