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Aug 9, 2007 02:04 PM

Looking for lunch off I-80 in mid-PA

My wife, daughter and I have a long trip ahead from the NJ 'burbs to Ohio on I-80, and are looking for a good chowish lunch. Definitely NOT a chain. Approximately 4 - 5 hours outside of NYC and not too far off I-80. All suggestions appreciated -- anything from dogs to Italian to vegetarian. Just good food. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Unless you are willing to commit to a two hour side trip into State College or Bellefonte; why don't you save time and money by packing a road side picnic lunch that you can enjoy at the rest stop a few miles west of Exit 147 for Snow Shoe. Use the money that you saved to bye some new music or subscribe to satellite radio. The trip across PA is long!

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      I have logged many, long hours on I-80 and gardner pretty much nails it. However you could investigate possibilities in and around Clarion or DuBois (Du"Boys") this ain't France(LOL)! Good Luck

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        42duffy, you state you have many hours on I 80 in PA. Q: years ago I used to stop at a restaurant, (overnite lodge I think), where the interior was like a lodge, with fireplace and all. Cannot relocate this rest. it is was not far from the Ohio line as I stopped after working in Dubois,Pa It was a bit upscale, but great atmosphere. Got any Ideas where this is? thanks Randy email

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          It could be the Wolf's Den in Knox or the Iron Bridge Inn in Mercer. The Wolf's Den is part of a campground rather than an overnight lodge. The Iron Bridge Inn is strictly a restaurant.

    2. Having struck out on this slog many times, I was delighted to find a welcoming meal in Bellafonte. It's about 8 minutes off the highway in the historic downtown area. The High Street Pub on W. High Street was wonderful. Their motto is Get real slow food. I do want to assure you that the service is prompt. Good coffee in latte cups. My meatloaf sandwich was wonderful with barley and mushrooms. The breads are wonderful. I topped it off with a trifle. It was all very reasonable for lunch.

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        Hey, thanks! I'm thinking we're stopping there next I-80 trip, usually at least one a year. I didn't find a web site but found this additional writeup in a blog:

        Also found that apparently it is new in 2007, so it wouldn't have been a choice before. In addition, I guess this qualifies among the recommendations of others to get off the highway in the State College area, as it's not too far from there. Still, sounds great.

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          They said that they don't have a web site up yet. They've been open for a mere 4 months. That blog write-up is an excellent portrayal of my experience.

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            Thanks thinks too much. It sounds like a true find and just the right point in our trip.

      2. Here is what I posted not too long ago for someone making this trip from the west. For eating along I-80, here are my favorites from east to west. In the Poconos, in Blakeslee, there is Murphy's Loft on Rt. 115 about a mile south of I-80. The food is quite good and customers can use the pool, too. The Watson Inn in Watsonville is good as is the Lewisburg Hotel in Lewisburg. State College is also a favorite of ours though, like Bellefonte, a little farther away from I-80. In Emlenton, there is there is a truck stop that is the only decent one along I-80 (other hounds have agreed on another board). In Knox, there is the Wolf's Den. Sit in the bar near the fireplace and enjoy a good sandwich and great atmosphere to boot. At the western end of Pennsylvania, there is the Middlesex Diner at the Sharon exit -- Rt. 18 at Rt. 60 in West Middlesex. Good food at good prices. There is the Iron Bridge Inn plus its sister restaurant Rachel's just down the road both a mile or so south on Rt. 19 at the Mercer exit, both still good places to eat. This covers a lot of territory, just in case you are making a return trip and will be looking at a different section of I-80. And, besides, Pennsylvania is a very long state and you may want to stop for a snack a couple of hours after lunch.

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          Thanks jfr. Actually, after posting my original request I found your response from a few days before and cut and pasted it into my travel plans. It's great to have so many options.

        2. Hello, I live in the State College area. I highly recommend: Zola's New World Bistro or Cozy Thai Restaurant. Both are on College Avenue in State College. In Bellefonte, I recommend the Gamble Mill.