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Aug 9, 2007 01:57 PM

SD - Casual Dining for 4 or 6

Hi - looking for a good spot in San Diego for four or six people to go for dinner somewhere between hillcrest and PB (so it feels like we are "meeting in the middle" - whatever that means). Nothing too fancy or too casual - I'm thinking $14-$22 entrees. Comfortable vibe for a group of people that don't know each other well - no loud music so that you can't hear each other talking. Any style food should work. Thoughts? I've thought of El Agave in Old Town, but need to provide the group with a few options. Thanks.

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  1. Seriously? No one has any ideas for this? That must be why I can't think of any either.

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      If you have a car and willing to spend perhaps $20-26 for entrees you should look at Terra in Hillcrest

      Here is a recent review

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        Bay Park Fish Co., next to Seisel's/KFC on Morena.

        Blue Water, on India just south of Shakespeare Pub, but it's a bit casual, order at the counter, styrofoam plate place, and parking is a major PIA, but the food is good.

        Brazil by the Bay, on Hancock, behind the Sports Arena, but it's a bit casual too.

        Baci on Morena.

        I'd pass on El Agave.

      2. How about Cafe Pacifica in Old Town? Entrees are in the mid twenties, Outside of Terra which is clearly not "meeting in the middle," I have not seen places I would want to take people for a nice dinner out suggested in this thread. Cafe Pacifica is worth a couple of extra bucks in my opinion.

        1. The between Hillcrest & PB thing is tough...nothing really is "between them" in any good sense. That being said I do like Bay Park Fish Co and it is in the right price range and is fairly casual with super fresh seafood. Cafe Pacifica is a good suggestion as well.
          Not sure if you are drinkers but perhaps The Vine or 3rd Corner in OB? What about not in the middle but easily accessible to both like Bully's East off of Texas at the 8?

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            Third Corner is a good suggestion.

          2. It's not exactly "meeting in the middle" but Jaynes Gastropub might also be an option. If nothing else, it does fit your price range. It's on 30th close to Adams in a transitional neighborhood.