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Aug 9, 2007 01:35 PM

good restaurant for tween NYers

I want to take my two younger cousins who are 16 and 14 out to dinner and am trying to think of a good place. They grew up on the UWS, and I don't think they'd be super impressed by a touristy place like Serendipity 3. The 14 year old loves Vynl. So basically just somewhere fun and cool and laid back.. Like I was thinking Cowgirl, but don't totally want to go there. One of them is vegetarian, though very flexible. I was also thinking somewhere with outdoor seating, possibly on the water, that we could walk around and do something afterwards. Like the South Street Seaport could be fun, but terrible eats around there (right?). Or the West Village. Suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Balthazar comes to mind, it has a nice pulse and a wide variety of food.
    Some restaurants in the Meat Packing District have some fun places as well. Pastis or Spice Market may be to their liking.

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      we have a reservation at Pastis with my 13 year old granddaughter one week from sunday.

    2. I was also going to say Pastis.... Also, I just recently took my younger sister (17 years old) to Schiller's, and she really liked it (I wanted Pastis, but couldn't get a reservation). I'm not sure about vegetarian options there though.