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Aug 9, 2007 01:24 PM

New Authentic Mexican food on Bloor (wed only)

so i was recently walking by the concorde cafe (south side of bloor, a little west of ossington) when i noticed on a sandwich board - "mexican comfort food..every wednesday eve". i gave it a whirl and am glad i did.
not a lot on the menu as it is apparently a new thing there, but the food is wonderful and reasonable. nice atmosphere and service too.
i highly recommend the enmoladas (i think that is the spelling) which is chicken in a soft corn tortilla with a home-made mole sauce. the aztec soup was also quite delicious. but (!!) i talked to the chef who said the menu will be changing about once a month.
would i go back? for sure.

makes me want to attempt to make mole.

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  1. Nice one, I will have to check it out...thanks

    1. The "Authentic Mexican Food Deprived Hounds" might start a stampede :) What's the scoop on the chef? Why only Wednesdays?

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      1. Excellent news... i live quite close to the concorrd Connnncord or concord or however they are choosing to spell it today ( a long history of bad spelling at that place) very interested in this....if you go again next weds post a menu ...will defintely check this out.....its so very toronto this, an old fashioned italian/portugese coffee bar morphing into serving authentic mexican on wednesday nights, while it also advertising reggae gigs with jamaican food....located on a strip that houses little ethiopia - with the nuance in place between those who advertise as serving eritrean or ethiopian...opposite a greek working mens that strip...its messy hodge podge city - including the only nicaraguan restaurant that i know in the city.

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          Speaking of Mexican, I was in Mexican Town in Detroit a few weeks ago with my friend, and we ordered flaming cheese (not sure of the mexican name) and it was sooooo good! I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get this in Toronto???

          1. re: jen2202

            Do you mean Queso Fundito? they give you little corn tortillas to eat it in? Several Mexican places used to have it, and I know for a fact that La Mexicana on Bathurst north of Lawrence does. La Mexicana is NOT a great restaurant but they do make a good job of queso.

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              Yes thats what i mean, it came on a small skillet and it was basically melted cheese with some onions and green peppers, and it is served with tortillas! I hope its the same b/c it was tasty! Thank you!

        2. i've been. the chef's name is julian. taught from his mother.
          i only went once and just had guacamole but it was great. he was saying that not this wednesday but the wednesday after, he is changing the menu. something about chile poblanos (stuffed chile peppers), mole, and shrimp tostatas...aaaaahmmmmm . i am getting hungry