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Aug 9, 2007 01:06 PM

Korean BBQ place with modern interior

Wife and I had great Korean bbq place with really modern interior (cool looking ducts coming to just above grills) and can't remember the name. We also liked the fact that you could mix/match small portions of meat.

May not be the best but we liked it.


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  1. is it onthe north side of bloor a couple blocks west of bathurts with mostly green walls and a big lime green awning? if it is, the sign says "Korean BBQ" really big, and "Sin Sun" smaller underneath.

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      1. re: thegreekone

        you know what's funny about this place? they "specialize" in bbq but they're non-bbq items are better. the first time we went i had a very good gom tang and bf had a nice dolsot bibimbap w/ fresh egg (oppose to pre-fried). based on our good first experience we went back the next week and had the short rib bbq. the meat was so tough and gristly we couldn't chew through 1/2 of it. ironically, the soondofu that accompanied the bbq was great.

        1. re: chocabot

          Anyone know if this place is ayce?

          1. re: ssainani

            i don't think so. well, i don't recall seeing AYCE on the menu...