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Aug 9, 2007 01:02 PM

Cancun Foods

I will be in Cancun with the family during Thanksgiving for 5 nights. Any suggestions for good food. We eat all kinds....some are more adventuorous than others.

We will be staying at the Ritz Carlton and plan on visiting Tulum and Chitzen Itza (sp).


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  1. We rented a car and headed to Tulum on our own - something I would recommend. The roads are safe.
    On the way back to Cancun you have to stop at Oscar Y Lalo at Soliman Bay, about 12 km's north of Tulum. You will find incredible fresh fish, great margaritas, and cold beer. It's an incredible place to spend an afternoon because they have their own beach and cenote. You have to look for the Oscar Y Lalo sign at the side of the road, take the turnoff and drive for 1km or so.

    Turtle Bay Cafe has fabulous food as well. It's in Akumal.

    How do you cram all this into one day? Schedule to rent the car the day before so that you can leave first thing in the morning. It's about a 40 minute drive to Akumal. Stop at Turtle Cafe for breakfast. Head to Tulum and see the sights. Then head to Soliman Bay for lunch and afternoon fun. Renting cars in Cancun is easy - we found a Budget agency next to our hotel. I'm sure the Ritz can take care of it all for you.

    Some of the best food in outside of Cancun.

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    1. I second renting a car - we rented a Jeep while we were there to bust outta 'tourist Cancun' and it really made a big difference.

      We ended up eating a lot of 'street food' (and did not get sick) but I'm thinking that's not what you're looking for. Still though, taking a car to Chichen Itza instead of a 'bus trip' really could be a great outing.

      The roads are safe, and in pretty good condition - but do not speed. Especially when you're headed out of Cancun -- the cops are all ready for you to rip outta town in your rented car - and when you get pulled over you better know how to 'pay your ticket right here' (i.e. a folded up $50)

      It made a cool story to tell our friends, but honestly, I wish we stayed 35 mph in the first place...

      1. There is a small Italian restaurant "Ristorante Italiano Dolce...mente Pompei" located along the Kulkulcan Km. 5.5 (between the Casa Maya and Riu Caribe hotels). It is right on the beach, very simple, run by real Italians, and good food. You can't see it from the street too well - it is located on a small circle drive off the main street. Worth a visit - not terribly touristy. They dress is Roman garb and on weekend nights have some musical entertainment (at least they did in April 2007).