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PHX: 10 Minutes to Grab Lunch

Your last meeting ran over and your next meeting is in 30 minutes. That gives you 10 minutes to run out and grab something before coming back and scarfing it down.

Where do you go? Anywhere in the valley is up for grabs.

I ask because I find myself in this situation more often than I care to. "Keep a Luna bar or quick fix lunch in your desk" is not a viable answer. :)

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  1. A.J'S or Trader Joes always has salads, sandwiches, sushi ready to grab and go w/ a bottle of water, juice, soda...etc.
    I find myself in that predicment all the time....and I refuse the drive thru unless it's for a Starbucks egg salad sandwich.....my new found indulgence...with a white blueberry iced tea!

    1. The Taiwanese deli in Super L Market in the Chinese Cultural Center. Noodle soups and other items...really good, really fast, really affordable.

      La Salsita for burritos, Bertha's Cafe (call ahead for even faster).

      La Salsita Mexican Food
      2345 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

      2916 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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        The Taiwanese deli at Super L was supposed to change on August 1. The old Taiwan Express was moving elsewhere and a new replacement was supposed to be up and running. I haven't had a chance to go there this week to see what has changed.

        Super L Ranch Market
        668 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

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          hmm, I'll have to check it out...it's been a few months since I was over by the deli...

      2. Since my work is in downtown Scottsdale and lunch is always pitifully short, I find myself at the Tokyo Express drive-through extremely frequently. If I find I have a little extra time I'll go over to Joe's NY Pizza on the other side of downtown. I've been tempted to call ahead to Au Petit Four, then pick something up on the way to work.

        Has anyone else been over to Delux2Go yet? I went right around when they first opened and was quite underwhelmed by the sandwich. Have they improved recently?

        Tokyo Express
        3530 N Goldwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

        Joe's New York Pizza
        7321 E Shoeman Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

        1. I'm working right next to an AJ's right now so I run over there and pick something up. Their pizza by the slice is pretty good- especially the "gourmet vegetable" version they often have.

          I don't do the fast food drive-throughs as a rule with one exception: Blackberry shakes at Jack in the Box. mmmm....I've been known to have one of htese for lunch from time to time!

          1. A few choices that have good food and are FAST:

            Honey Bear's on Central and also on Van Buren, although the one on Central seems more efficient these days.

            Kokopelli Grill, 20th and Highland -- these folks are friendly and will wrap up a bullet for you pronto, and whole wheat tortillas and non-fried fish are among the options.

            Miracle Mile Deli, same location -- huge, with a variety of nutritious (and not) options; keep in mind there are two lines, one around the corner from the main one that some people may not notice; both move briskly.

            Yoshi's on Central at Indian School -- fast, inexpensive; I like the salmon bowl there.

            1. There is 10-minute parking on the curb outside of Esplanade (by the Starbucks), so if you call ahead to Au Petit Four, you should have about 5 minutes to spare.

              El Nopalito cranks out their $.99 street tacos really fast, so that's always a good option.

              Sprouts deli puts together a nice $2.99 daily special sandwich, and if you make it there before noon, you can usually get it in less than 5 mins.

              Kokopelli has very good chips and salsa, so I'd second that rec.

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                I was gonna suggest El Nopalito. The tacos have always been really fast, but I haven't been there when it's busy on weekdays.

              2. I like "That's A Wrap" on 7th Street. They have really great wraps, a choice of sides and one wrap will fill you up. Just call ahead and it will be ready for you.

                That's A Wrap
                800 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006

                1. I dig Yasda Bento on Adams, a great stop for tasty and fast rice bowls - the tempura veggies and gyoza are delicious. Sticklers, on Washington between city hall and the Muni courthouse is pretty quick too, if you order ahead. They serve up fine sandwiches and a mean cup of fresh, homemade chili.

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                    Thank you for the recommendation of Yasda. I had eaten at Yoshi's in that location long ago, but have now tried Yasda and blogged about it. I have fond memories of the Downtown Yoshi's, but Yasda is good on its own terms. On one visit, I had udon with tempura. The udon didn't seem quite as flavorful as I remember at Yoshi's, but the tempura held its own in the broth and didn't get soggy. Now, I have to get to the Yoshi's location that still exists in Midtown for an up-to-date comparison.

                    Yasda Bento
                    18 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

                    4050 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

                  2. What about the food court inside Phoenix Ranch Market? Depending on how busy they are, you might be able to get just about anything they serve in under 10 minutes. Worst case, you could get a nice horchata. :)

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                      I never have patience to get something good, so I dive into the closest Taco Bell drive through. Gotta agree on Thirsty Thrusday's note of Sticklers, unfortunately unless you work in the govt buildings, it's tough to do quickly.

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                        Taco Bell? Is that an official AZ Biltmore recommendation? :-D

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                          I gotta say that on my route from copper square to AZB, the fastest things to get are pizza from Danny's Family on 20th and Highland, or Taco Bell on 24th and Indian School. Forget the Wendy's at 20th and Camelback, it's always backed up.

                          and to answer your question, yes, summer guests like fast food!


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                            Are you saying that the Danny's Family carwash @ 20th and Highland serves pizza? I get my car washed there every few weeks and never noticed pizza -- just Krisy Kreme donuts. Can I get some free Armor All on my tires if I order a large pie?

                            1. re: silverbear

                              I believe they may have pizza inside the convenience store, but not inside the car wash.

                              1. re: azhotdish

                                It just gets soggy in the car wash.

                                1. re: azhotdish

                                  I had forgotten about the separate convenience store near the fuel pumps. Thanks for clarifying.

                          2. re: AZBconcierge

                            AZConcierge - Taco Bell talk like that will get you ostracized around these parts.