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Honolulu and Maui Report

AandA Aug 9, 2007 12:28 PM

Just returned from 4 nights in Honolulu and 7 nights on Maui. Meal highlights include:
Sidestreet Inn: There were 8 of us so we ordered a lot of food. The best dishes were the Basil-crusted Ahi, Lilikoi-BBQ shortribs, and the local salad. Loved the Ahi!

Gina's BBQ: We ordered the family special. Came with Kalbi ribs (the best!) and other chicken and beef prepared in various Korean styles. The sides of kimchee, cucumber pickles, diakon relish, all of it was excellent. This fed 5 adults and 2 kids with lots of leftovers. Gina told us we were welcome to more sides, but we never got through the first batch. It was all delish!

Liliha Bakery: Loved the coco puffs and the ensemadas. My husband insisted on returning a few days later for more coco puffs.

Waiola Shave Ice: Very fine shave ice. Loved it! My brother-in-law had to go everyday to get his fix.

Roy's at Koolina: I didn't go but my husband, Bro-in-law, and nephew went. They said the fried rice was great, but the rest of the food seem pricey.

Sam Sato's: Ordered the dry min and the BBQ sticks. Very good. Should have order to the special dry min (had more veggies and eggs) like my friends.

Fiesta Time: Mexican place near the Maui Ocean center. Had excellent grilled ono with great Spanish rice and refried beans. Highly recommend.

Kahuna KaBob's: Off Front Street in Lahaina. We were a group of 14. Everything looked good, especially the shrimp wrap, the fish kabob, the steak kabob, and the seared ahi sashimi with grilled asparagus. They also had good potato-mac salad.

Da' Kitchen: huge portions. Decent food.

Kihei Caffe: Great French toast, cinnamon roles. Excellent fried rice.

Kula Lodge: We stopped for lunch there while coasting on bikes down Haleakela. Had the margharita pizza, the special (garlic, mushroom, maybe sausage), and the combo. All very good.

Guri-Guri Ice Cream in the Maui Mall: Wonderful and refreshing!

Dinner at the condo: Definitely buy meat, milk, wine, veggies from Costco.

Maui CookWees: We like the macadamia nut ones.

Activity highlights on Maui include:
Bike ride down Haleakela at our own pace.
Maui Swap Meet
Ulalena show
All the beaches!

  1. KaimukiMan Aug 9, 2007 05:55 PM

    thanks for the report. You certainly hit several of my favorites, glad you had good food - and presumably a good time here.

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