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Aug 9, 2007 12:27 PM

Looking for fresh rakkyo and (shin-shoga)

I know it's kinda late now, but I was wondering if fresh rakkyo would be available in TO. Not pickled, but fresh.
Tried J-town, Little Tokyo, PAT, Galleria, Sanko, T&T, and various Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown (Spadina x Dundas area)
Anyone know where I can get them? Are shallots and rakkyo the same things?
Also, info on fresh shin-shoga (baby ginger), again, not pickled, would be nice too.

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  1. i'm pretty sure i see the shin-shoga, young ginger, regularly at Tai Kong (down the stairs on west side of spadina, just north of dundas) on the top produce shelves with the herbs. they package it on a styro tray in plastic wrap.
    can't help with the rakkyo, though. maybe ask at a japanese restaurant for a source?

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    1. re: chocabot

      Thanks, I'll give Tai Kong a try...
      All Japanese restaurants that I know of buy rakkyo pickled, unfortunately.

    2. I have never seen rakkyo any way but pickled. If J-Town or Sanko don't have it, I doubt anyone else will... the only other Japanese store in the GTA is Sandown Market but they are much smaller than J-Town so I doubt they would carry it.

      I found this little write-up online - it refers to it as a shallot - funny thing is, growing up my dad loved these things, and we always referred to them in English as pickled scallions.

      I know that shinshoga is popular in Japan in the spring, but again, I have never seen it here in Canada. It would cost too much to transport fresh for the limited demand.

      What were you planning to use the rakkyo and shinshoga for?

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      1. re: LovelyAsia

        Oh dear I haven't been to Sandown in ages! maybe I'll call them to find out.
        I want fresh rakkyo and shinshoga so that I can pickle them myself. Store-bought rakkyo and gari are way too sweet for me, and also I reeeeally love them deep fried (i.e. tempura) ;D~~~

        Oh and by the way I was at J-Town last week and they had myoga, which was good, priced at $6/2pcs, which was NOT good.. haha...

        1. re: lilith

          It's funny that you find the store bought rakkyo and gari are too sweet for you... all of my father's side of the family (all nissei from BC) love their Japanese pickles sweet, and were very upset when the Hawaiian takuwan stopped being sold - so now the family have to make it to their taste - it has so much sugar it could be a dessert!

          Maybe if you took the store bought and added more vinegar to try and balance it out? What bugs me about so much of the gari is that it has aspartame (artificial sweetener) and that stuff gives me a headache, where I had some great gari in BC that was made fresh and was not too sweet and had no aspartame!

          As for the Termpura, maybe try experimenting with different kinds of shallots until you find one that is closest to rakkyo?

          And the Myoga... well, at those prices you might as well buy a plane ticket to Japan at the right time of year and enjoy the fresh produce while you are there!


          I just had a thought... it might be a long shot, but you might try calling Ozawa Canada... they sell to Japanese Restaurants - maybe at the right time of year you can get fresh rakkyo and gari from them?

          Ozawa Canada Inc
          Address : 135 East Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1E2
          Telephone : 905-731-5088