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Aug 9, 2007 12:21 PM

Lunchtime Poll re: goat cheese

Wait, don't move my post - it's Boston specific I promise!

What are some of your favorite dishes at Boston (and surrounding area) restaurants that involve goat cheese? I'm not looking for anything specific, just a random curiosity. I'll start:

Yuppie nachos at Christopher's in Porter Square - sundried tomatoes, guac, and goat cheese.

Warmed goat cheese on crostini at Silvertone - it's big and it's cheap, my two favorite ways to prepare goat cheese.

Goat cheese empanadas at Tasca in Brighton - I literally dream about these.

Wild mushroom and carmelized onion tartlet with chevre at Aquitaine Bis - went there for the first time last weekend. Loved it. Beautiful place, beautiful food, beautiful waiter (yowza!)

Ok. Your turn.

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  1. The spinach salad with fried shallots and goat cheese at Zon's in JP is delicious.

    1. I'm a fan of the mixed green salad with crispy goat cheese at Hamersley's.

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        The goat cheese panna cotta with the arugula and beet salad at Sage is out of the world.

      2. Last September, We had a wonderful huckleberry goat-cheese cheesecake at Radius. My husband still talks about that cheesecake and how it was one of the best desserts he's ever had.

        8 High St, Boston, MA 02129

        1. Butternut squash, goat cheese, and sage pizza at Veggie Planet.

          1. A boneless New York sirloin steak from MacKinnon's, grilled on a charcoal flame on the driveway of my house to an interior temperature of 135, rested for 5-10 minutes and served up with slices of flavored goat cheese from the Davis Square farmer's market.

            Hmm, I think I know what I"m having for dinner tonight ...